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  1. question about mustang/ford ecu ( computers) years 86-88 , 89-93
    which ones are the best and why ? i have heard of AL9 ,etc and heard the there all most all the same expect for x3z or something like that. why is that one bad ?
    i know that 86-88 speed density and 89-93 mass air, I have a

    F3zf-12a650-eb D3D1

    what can be told by this info other than it is a model D3D1 . how is that diffent from the AL9 ?
  2. I am not familiar with the D3D1 ecu, but it is listed as...
    Manual, MAF

    A9L - Standard Mustang 5.0 HO MAF, with t5
    A9P - Standard Mustang 5.0 HO MAF, with AOD
    X3Z - 1993 Cobra 5.0, with t5

    The Cobra computer REQUIRES the use of 24lb injectors and the 93 Cobra MAF meter, unless a custom tune/chip is created.
    The advantage of the 93 Cobra is that you can run 24lb injectors and not have to use a 'calibrated' MAF meter.

    Hope that helps some, if not feel free to keep asking :D
  3. ok thanks. it helps but there are a lot of other computers list for the same years of 5.0
    other than the 2 main A9L - Standard Mustang 5.0 HO MAF, with t5
  4. A3M comes from a 93 with a T-5.

    VRISTANG: If I am reading your post correctly..... running a X3Z computer with a 24# pro-M MAF and 24 lb injectors could that be a cause if my driveability problems????
    That would explain alot at this point in the game......:bang:
  5. That is a possibility...
    Did you purchase the MAF directly from PMAS/ProM?

    A 24lb PMAS meter for an A9L will be different from a 24lb PMAS meter for an X3Z.

    If you bought the meter used, odds are the meter has an A9L 'calibration'

    I have no idea how to tell an A9L 'cal' from an X3Z 'cal' :shrug:


    I should have checked your sig first...
    You list an X3Z with a custom chip
    Was the chip burned after dyno runs?
    Was the chip created while the current MAF was on the car?

  6. Yes, there are other computers.

    The most common ecu's used by Ford (in the Mustang) were the A9L and A9P.
    As long as you get MAF or SD (depending on your car) option correct, then the computer should work pretty well.

    If you buy an ecu from a parts store, then you can't use the ecu coding from Ford, as the remanufacturers use their own part numbers.

  7. I removed the chip (it was burned at the dyno shop for a previous engine combo). And yes the MAF was used. I guess I should call pro-m and see what computer it was calibrated for and go hunting for the EEC...... I do however have a new PMS on the way. I would rather have the parts in relative harmony before tweeking instead of trying to make things work.....
  8. The only advantage of getting the parts 'in harmony' before custom tuning, is that IF the PMS dies, the car should run fairly decent.
    I highly doubt the PMS will cause such issues though...

    Personally, I would not buy new parts at this stage.
    The PMS will make any corrections you need to make for the MAF...

    Still, you will need to get in touch with PMAS, as the PMS will require the correct MAF Transfer.