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  1. i have a n/a 1987 mustang w/2.3L 4cyl that i run in the SCCA. My problem is that it runs really lean on the high rpm like 4500 to 6500. My question is can i install the ecu from a 87-88 TC along with the vam and the 35lb injectors in order to help the very lean condition i have in the high rpm range? BTW the car has a SD EFI setup. Also the head has been ported, milled and i have a larger throtle body and 19lb injectors.
  2. If you swap ecu's to the LA3 you will need a QH to tune the ecu. I've been there and done that on an n/a engine...
    It will work, but it never worked right for me.

    Depending on what ecu you have, at least one of the 2.3 n/a ecu's can be tuned with the QH.

    Or, I am currently running a '95 Mustang v8 ecu on my n/a 2.3.
    Running pretty good for what it is...
  3. tell me more. how the heck do you get that to work. isnt the 95 progamable? would it see any mods done to the motor? did you have to repin it? tell me tell me
  4. Oh, I had to repin it... lol

    It wasn't too bad though...

    Check here..

    No reason you couldn't use an A9L or just about anything else for that matter...
  5. Does it have to be an OEM computer of some kind?
  6. Interesting.... I'll have to read that thread when I get on my home computer, on my work computer that site is blocked. That is a very interesting way to do it. I'm going to toy with the stock 93 2.3 computer first to see if I can make it work.