Edelbrock 4.6 SOHC Intakes - 2 of them

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  1. Yea the P-51 is pretty heavy but is a very solid and well built piece..and yes it's huge!
  2. I got reply to my e-mail i sent to Edelbrock last week today. They are really not telling me anything:(

    "This does not have a projected release until late Spring time. There is no data that we can release about it at this time. Thanks.


    Raymond M. Garcia
    Technical Dept.

    So we still don't know anything...
  3. yea i wanted the p 51 myself. after i picked one up at a show i decided to wait till after the blower goes on. na the power you would pick up would be offset by the weight of the thing. its real heavy. i just like the way it looks so big.
  4. Well, I didnt get to pick it up. It was on a local mustang guys car (mod on lonestarstangs.com...330RWHP built N/A screamer). He had to pull his hood lining, and I think its still bulging the hood up a little. Thats also where I first seen the JLT RAI...I was sold as soon as I saw it lol. "I have got to get me one of these" lol

    BTW, I would reccomend the RR intake since your going blown. Lighter, and defintaly proven on SUPER high HP apps. Just not alot of info on it though...You could wait on these intakes that are "supposed" to be coming out. 1200+ is ALOT of $$$$$$.
  5. I wouldn't go with the RR intake. Awhile back in MM&FF they did a test on the intake...I think the car they tested had around the 600 something HP mark and the intake was meant for an even higher HP application than that. It just isn't meant for most streetable vehicles.

    With the P-51, I had to take off the heat shield for under my hood as well. Also if you look by the TB, had to shave it down a little bit so the hood would close.
  6. yea the rr would be nice cause of the weight, but it just isnt for 400-500 rwhp car. that is the range i want to be in. i like the p51 the best right now unless some of these newer things prove to be good. i have the cowl so i dont have to worry. infact i think it would be awsome to open the cowl and people see that huge thing sitting under there.lol.

    anyay like i said it will most likely be my last mod after i get a blower.
  7. carbed intake will finally let the 4.6 breathe.

    we need a tunnel port intake to cram-air it.
  8. Professional Products intake update

    i just called the sales guys at the office and learned a lot of info about this intake. First, that Rick Anderson from Anderson motorsports was in charge of R&D for this piece. Also he said that the last prototype was just finished and being shipped to Anderson Motorsports for testing and they fully expected it to fly through the dyno testing and be ready for a mid may shipment.
    Presently to date they have some 700 orders already for this intake. For those of you wanting one, just get a hold of a Professional Products distrubitor (anderson, UPR, Blue oval, RPM outlet and many others) and you might be able to get on their list. Some guys like anderson are ordering them for stock but they have'nt pre-sold all their units yet. So chances of getting one in may are pretty good at this point.

    If you check out Andersons site you can see a dyno test where they tested all the intake, TB and upper. It was when they added the intake you will see they gained 19hp.

    The polishes intake looks pretty sweet. i cant wait to see some pics on real cars and find out how this install goes.

  9. i say again CARBS.

    annular discharged carbs are illegal in nmra real street class for a reason. they get the torque of fuel injection and the HP if carbs.

    before i get dismissed... ask yourself this question...

    how many 4.6 upper plenums flow 750+ cfm?

    any holley or edelbrock 750 does.

    what about 850cfm? too much for regular 4.6, but not for all out racer.

    if edelbrock is releasing a carbed version, it's for a reason. MAX HP. i leave it alone from here out.
  10. the EFI and Carb Intakes are in Edelbrocks Catalog this year
  11. uummm thanks :shrug:

    that was covered in the first sentence of the first post...
  12. Did I just travel back in time?:shrug:
  13. Like touched on above I think it is extremely difficult for aftermarket companies to develop parts that are significantly better than the OEM parts. The amount of money that a huge corporation like Ford has to invest in research and development has to be insane. For a company like Edelbrock to compete with that...for just one application. To get back on point I am like everyone else, hopeful, but very very skeptical. With time the SOHC 4.6 is going to be a dinosaur.
  14. $795 +s&h

    and looking at their own dyno charts they gained 1hp and 5tq. and both HP and TQ drop below stock power in the 4500-5200RPM range.
    Id rather just upgrade my 00 intake to a +01 intake, for the alluminum coolant channel.
  15. Well, numberwise, ya, But look at the tq curve. At 2840rpm, its making almost 20lb more tq. Right? unless i'm looking at dyno wrong.

    Peak number really doesn't do whole alot. But falt tq curve and 20lb extra is certainly makes your car feel like peppier i assume, as at low rpm(where 4.6 lacks), tq is gonna make more difference then HP....

    Donno if its worth the money however. This dyno is on cammed car. I need to see one in stock pi cam, and see how it'll do on that..

    If its like $449+S/H, i would buy it in second tho
  16. nope, when i said 5lbs. of tq. i meant that that was the biggest gain in any area. Look at any given rpm and eyeball out 5ft lbs. thats all there is. there own write up is a lie. they probably dont think you will take the time to look at the Dpull when they write in big bright letters saying "20hp gain"

    i guess our stockers arent as bad as 5.0s were. not much to gain from aftermarket. i like the idea of billet all. being able to take a N2O backfire.