edelbrock 4.6 victor jr.?

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  1. i have been looking at this intake but i cannot find alot of people with them, has anybody heard anything about these? or know somebdy with one, im trying to gain a another 20ish+ rwhp, i know that this is a high rpm intake with its short runners, my car revs over 6k easy so i think it woud go good with my setup:shrug:

    any info is appreciated:SNSign:
  2. i'm not sure but isn't the victor jr. a carb. intake? :shrug: i didnt think there was one for fuel injection
  3. there EFI and card versions, but the EFI kit needs after market fuel rails, and a adapter to fit upper plenuim/tb
  4. Not even worth it. I would get any other intake before I got that one.
  5. on an n/a car you're not going to see much in the way of gains with one of the aftermarket intakes on the market. I would look for a good deal on a used bullit intake
  6. why?
  7. I have a dyno aftermarket parts book and the bullitT intake gained a whopping 5 hp and 1 torque. Not worth it.
  8. Short runner, all the garbage you would have to swap, I would bet you would probably loose power untill 5500. For that to be worth it you would need a bunch of boost or some crazy cam timing. If you had 20lbs of boost though I bet it would flow a gang of air, and it would probably be easy to port. That is the sort of intake you run on a 427ci windsor with a Novi 2000 on it. You need some cubic inches to make up for the loss in low end torque.

    Blackone51, Whats the name of the book you have? I would like to look at something like that.
  9. all you need is an adapter, for the upper plenium, and fuel rails.............
  10. How about the loosing power till 5500 part then.

    But it is your car so do what you want. Don't be sad when you have no low end left though.

    That intake was made to swap 4.6's with carbs into old cars. They just started making the adapter because they relized that none in thier right mind would put a 4.6 in an old car with they could have something with more cubic inches.
  11. On a track car that sees mostly 4-6500 rpm, I think it would work nicely. Throw in some boost or some nitrous, which you already have, and you'll really see some gains.

    Everyone is quick to knock something without ever trying it. I say, if you have the coin, do it.
  12. When they originally released the intake they had multiple versions. One is a standard carb flange, and the other is designed for their own Edelbrock elbow. The adapter the op is referring to is so you can run any of the current elbows on that intake. I don't believe Edelbrock is making the adapter he is referring to.
  13. yes, MMR makes the adapter, i read a reveiw from a N/A guy on MMR's forums, and he said he dropped 2 tenths just by putting it on, with out tuning and felt no loss in low end tq:shrug:
  14. I gained tq and hp with the Edelbrock over the ported Hardballer'r I had. It is about the cheapest intake also.
  15. thanks, ive was hoping there was some one with one, how much did you gain over the hardballer?, and did you lose any low end? and what adaper plate do you have?
  16. any hood clearance issue with this intake y2k02 ?

    also would it be good for boosted applications?

    sorry for the hijacking 98COBRA281 , and y2k02 that engine bay looks so sexy View attachment 249248
  17. ^thats fine

    they claim that theres no clearence issues, and his car is TT, so im sure it works great with F/I
  18. I gained 12rw/40+tq. I have a C4 transmission, so when I go wot the rpms jump to atleast 4000. I did have to clearence the stock hood to clear it. I used the MMR adapter plate.
    Here is video with the 305ci big bore in the car now.
    YouTube - Spooling twin turbos
  19. What kind of clearancing did you have to do for the stock hood? Those are some nice tq gains!
  20. well i have been doing some searching, and im 99% sure im going to stay all motor, and do the following:nice:

    4:30's in the rear
    edelbrock intake(maybe do some light porting on it)
    mmr adapter plate
    mmr fuel rails
    jlt ram air intake
    90mm lighting MAF
    port C&L upper plenuim

    and retune and shoot for 330+rwhp, 6500 rpms, and low 12's with some more suspension work, out of an all motor NPI!:D