Edelbrock 454 Wheels for sale

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by bishop1911, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. I think I am going to sell my Edelbrock 454 rims I have, and end up going with a different make. I have 6 total. All 6 are 17X8 rims, and Tires are Cooper Zeon ZPT 235/45/17 show in link below. They have never been driven on, car was just puched around on them, and are all in excellent condition. Right now 4 are mounted with tires, but I can have tires removed. I can either put them on the next set I get, or they could also be sold with car for a bit more money. The wheels were balanced with the tires on them. One of the rims came out of the box with some light strange surface swirls, but looks like buffing could resolve this. All in all, great condition. 2 rims were spares and are still in original box. Price for 6 rims without Tires - $990, with Tires mounted - $1340. When doing the math, I am selling them for $165 each where Mustangs Unlimited sells them for $204. You save $40 each rim just because I am making a change. I do want to either sell them all together, or if 1 person wants 2 and someone else wants 4, then I will do that too. I just do not want to be left with 2 rims. Buyer must pay shipping, but we can work out the cheapest possibly method. Even a pickup is possible. I can post pictures, or you can see them in my photo albums. I want to see if there is interested here. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks.

    Cooper Zeon ZPT Tires Designed for Performance & All-Season,

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  2. wheels

    As mentioned, I am willing to split the set up, provided I can sell them all. Anyone interested, please feel free to email me at [email protected]. Thanks guys.
  3. Price Reduction

    I am reducing the price of each wheel to an even $150. Now the set will run $900 for 6 wheels or $1250 if you wanted tires with them. Please email me with any questions or if you are interested. Thank you.

  4. these were all sold. Thank you.
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