Edelbrock Or Vmp Supercharger? Help Me Pick


Oct 25, 2005
I plan to restore my 93 GT one day but been focusing on my 2013 GT. After researching CAI's, intake manifolds, throttle bodies, etc I came across a lot of people skipping these mods and going right to a supercharger. Makes sense considering you won't use a boss intake with a PD supercharger. Anyways, I have narrowed my search to two choices: Edelbrock E-Force and VMP Stage 1. I would like to get some opinions, insight, pointers regarding these two blowers. Help me pick!

1. Edelbrock E-Force. Thinking about going with the Stage 2, perhaps from brenspeed. What stage do you recommend for a daily driver? Pros seem to be a very complete kit, plug and play wiring, one of the easiest kits to install. From what I read online, two cons are the size of the intake opening and smaller heat exchanger.

2. VMP Stage 1. Pros: Great power output, larger heat exchanger. VMP tuning gets top notch reviews. Only cons I've read are you have to purchase a tuner/tunes which adds to the overall cost. Looks like this kit will be about $700 or so more out of the gate. Install will require some grinding and re-pinning of wires.

I hope to get feedback from others with these kits especially the Edelbrock considering there's not as much info on them when doing a search. Not looking for information about vortech, paxton, whipples, kb's. Only other option I may consider is Roush, however my research leads me to pick VMP over Roush. This will be my daily driver. Have already done most suspension mods. I will be getting new wheels/wider tires.

On a side note... just moved to Texas from California. Anyone know if there are any rules/laws or inspection issues with running a supercharger?
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