Edelbrock Perfomer Intake vs Edelbrock RPM Intake

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  1. not wanting to hijack but this question could help the original poster as well. Is there a non high-rise intake that is better then the Performer 289? i currently have the performer but cause of poor header build quality (dang patriot tri y's) my motor has been jacked up with spacers to clear the inner fender wells.
  2. The car lost .2 and 2MPH with the RPM so I went back to the performer. You have to realize that the ET and MPH were in the summer in Az, 100* air temps and the stock cam.

    If the 289 is stock, an RPM is overkill
  3. did you retune the carb when you did the intake swap? It seems that with the 165's, headers, good exhaust, and with the 1.7's helping out the stock cam, the engine would really want the extra volume of the RPM intake. Of course, I also think it would run better with a 700 or 750 carb too......
    I probably shouldn't have said anything about your et's, I know the heat puts a killing on them. It wasn't a flame, so I hope you didn't take it that way. On a stock engine, a regular performer is all thats NEEDED, but who leaves a 289 stock? Just about everybody puts on headers and mild cam, at a minimum, and at that point, you really can start seeing some gains with a RPM intake.
  4. Try looking at the old Weiand X-cellerator. Not a dual plane but a low rise single plane if I recall. Seems it's pretty damn close to the same height as a stock 2/4bbl intake with a 1" spacer
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  6. to the orginal poster...

    i currently have the regular Performer intake (matched with a 600 holley and worked stock 289 heads) and im about to take mine off for more power. putting some AFR 165 heads, bigger cam, and probably an RPM intake (havent decided yet).

    you need to figure out what you want to do with the motor. i just found that 200 horsepower isnt enough to do anything in todays time where cars are coming out with 350+ from the factory. BUT, if your wanting a cool lil grocery getter and something that is very daily driver-ish, my current setup is completly fine. Swaping things out two and three times gets old, and expensive.
  7. I'll throw in my .05

    I built my engine WAY back in high school (1990)when i didnt know much and not much was around.I used the Performer 289,cast iron heads,270* Comp Cam, and Edel. 600 Carb. It would run mid/high 13's and made 305 RWHP. I later changer heads and cams and started loosing power because I thought "bigger was better"

    I have no complaints with the Performer even if it is a "stock replacement" as it was called.
  8. after you switched heads and the cam, what intake did you throw on it?
  9. Vic jr.
  10. Just my .02 I am certainly not an expert. If you aren't looking to tear up the track and just have something a little more fun to drive, this is what I would recommend.
    I went from a stock C-code 2v to the Performer 289 intake, Edelbrock 500 cfm carb, tri-y headers and dual exhaust in one shot and noticed a huge difference. It's definately not a horsepower monster but it sounds so much better and is more fun to drive.
    I just got finished adding a Performer Plus cam which I should have done when I had the intake off to begin with.
    Hope this helps!
  11. :D You could have gotten the same end result simply by bolting a Holley 500 cfm 2 bbl carb on the stock intake. That's what you ended up with basically, a 500 cfm carb on a stock intake.
  12. My 2 cents: I had a stock C code 289 and debated on where I wanted to take my engine. I wanted more power but realized that my car would be a street cruiser and would live under 5000 RPM 99.99% of the time. Since I was rebuilding the engine anyway I decided a cam swap was in order so I settled on the Edelbrock Performer cam with stock heads. This led me to basically three intake choices, Edelbrock Performer, Weiand Action Plus or stock 289 4 BBL. I was leaning on the Weiand but I decided that I wanted my car to look stock, but have a little more oomph, so I went with a stock 66 4 BBL intake and Autolite 480 CFM 4 BBL Carb. While I was at it I completely stripped my engine compartment, painted it and replaced just about everything under the hood. I assembled the engine, put black crinkle finish finned valve covers and HiPo air cleaner, and dropped it in. I test drove it for the first time last weekend and I absolutely love it! It pulls strong and since I will be operating mostly below 5k RPM, I am very happy with my choices. I must admit, it was really hard to restrain myself from putting on AFR 165 CFM heads, Weiand Stealth Intake and hotter cam, but I had to be realistic in how I would use the car and stay on theme. So my advice is to be honest with yourself on how you will use the car and stick with a plan. Like Cobain03 said, it gets old and expensive swapping things out over and over again.
  13. I also have a bone stock 2v 289 with the exception of Hooker Long tubes and a 2.5 full exhaust with custom H pipe. I'm not wanting to spend much on the motor as I intend to build something down the road. Is the consensus here the Performer manifold and ~600cfm carb?

    Just looking for better performance while I address more important issues like suspension and brakes.
  14. You could have still went with a better intake and lost nothing on the bottom end. High rise dual planes, simply give you a bit more oomph up top without sacrificing anything on the bottom end. And allow you to better utilize future other upgrades in the future. This includes the following intakes: Ford C9OX, Shelby "Cobra", Ford A321 (current version of the previous two) Edelbrock F4B, Performer RPM, RPM Air Gap, Weiand Stealth (both the early one and the current offering)
  15. I say yes - For a bone stock engine (stock cam and heads) the Ford 4 BBL, Performer or Weiand Action Plus and ~600cfm carb would be very good. I wouldn’t go over 600cfm but a good carb would be the Holley Street avenger 570 cfm. But, if you are going to do future mods on the engine I would do as D.Hearne suggests and get a nice High rise dual plane manifold. I'm partial to the Weiand Stealth. The key is to know where you are going to take your engine and stick with your decision. In my case I am sticking with stock look with a little extra performance. That is why I went with the 66 Ford 4bbl intake, 66 Autolite 4100 and Edelbrock Performer Cam. I basically built my car as I would have ordered it in 1966.
  16. This message brought to you by Holley and D.Hearne...

    Kidding D.Hearne!!! :D You've helped me out a ton on here! If I could go back I probably would have gone with the Performer RPM and a larger carb.
  17. Better intake? Yea. Larger carb? No.:nice: A smaller sized carb will be more reponsive than a larger one. Only if you're shooting for all out racing, would I suggest a larger carb.
  18. How often do you run BELOW 1500 rpm? No engine builder I know will recommend the Performer over the RPM for even an extremly mild engine. Even if you really needed it now you would only be buying another intake later.