Edelbrock Victor EFI Upper AND lower! 351W

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by Pokageek, Jul 6, 2010.

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  1. PRICED TO GO FAST. EXCELLENT CONDITION!! $500. Near new. On car now, made roughly 450RWHP

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  2. Is this the Victor 5.8?
  3. Its made for the 5.8 and provides up to 700 HP. Its a lot bigger than the Professional garb.. I mean products one. I guess its the same one. In other words, it sis one of the best. I paid $650. I am selling it @$500 to unload it. It is meant for a 5.8L platform or stroker and supports power that a 427c.u. will make.
  4. anymore pics?
  5. Not until I take it off the car. What specifically are you looking to see? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for pointing that out man. The prices for these are all over the place. :nonono: From$542-900 (no kidding).

    I'll change the price :( . How about $480 buyer pays half shipping. Intake is in PERFECT condition. Thanks guys.
  7. The Victor EFI (5.0) is actually more expensive then the Victor (5.8) weird??

    anyway just to be 100% sure this is the model # 3887 correct? The #2945 is for the 5.0 and the uppers are the same on both.

    How much usage have you gotten out of it anway. Not that it matters its just an intake they dont have wear issues. Im just courious
  8. Yep that is the right one. I haven't gotten much..I am not sure exactly but probably UNDER 2-3k miles.
  9. cool, Im deff interested then. Like I said in the PM I have to wait for the funds to clear from pay pal for the TFSR that I sold.

    BTW what are you going to go with for an intake then?
  10. Sure man. Just to clarify (it is a little confusing but simply based on the way it is sold)
    3886 is the lower
    3887 is the upper or the complete kit

    But bottom line, YES, its the victor 5.8 upper and lower. Ha, what am I going with? Another car. I am selling this WHOLE or parting out whichever goes first. See my sig?
  11. oh wow. Well if no one flys under and out buys it before the begining of the week then I'll take the Edelbrock. Still cheaper then new and as you said looks new anyway. Is everything that is connected to the lower coming w/ it. The plugs and all the fittings that go on it?
  12. Yea, sure. I will include that too. I will get you an estimate on the half shipping and to everyone else.. - this is now pending sale. ;)
  13. With Insurance my TFSR to NC was $46.00 so it should be in the $20-$35 range for total shipping since its closer from you to me then when I shipped from me to NC.
  14. Ok, that's probably right. So estimate it and include it and I'll be satisfied. A dollar or two one way or the other, I dont care about. Say like $16 bucks is half to be safe. Do you want both intakes attached? In one piece? is that how you calculated the shipping?
  15. what ever is more easy for you. I did not have a big enough box for the TFSR to be attatched so it came to $46 with two separate box's + the insurance of $300 per box ( UPS only does nominations of $100 at a time). The lower was 21LBS $22.24 and the upper was 18LBS $24.30. Either way you send it w/ them together or not is fine w/ me. Thats just a rough est of what it should cost to send it providing the weight will be about the same but it also depends on the size of the box or box's. I found 2 that just fit for the upper and the lower but they fit. Its an odd shape box to try and find for both so it might be more easy to get one big box too.
  16. The funds should be transferred to my account tomorrow from paypal, I withdrew it on weds night. I wont get home until 7PM tomorrow from work but when I do I can send you payment when I get home.
  17. We're still good man. Your $10 discount applies. Just PM me when yuo have a moment. Thanks.
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