Edelbrock's Victor Jr. 4.6L Intake Manifold

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  1. So i got the intake here and the Fuel Rails for it , only thing i noticed is there is lots of parts needed to get the fuel rail to work , which is frustrating for me because i was waiting to slap this baby on :D

    i tried a mock up install with the stock and Edelbrok , i think it possible to use the stock ones , but there is no way to screw tighting it without some kind of a bracket , here it is , tell me if you think its possible to work with stock.


  2. im sure that you could make some brackets, ive seen it done befor, but the edelbrock rails look good:D


  3. Let me know how your install goes because I am putting my on Saturday.
  4. I forgot what your motor looked like when its actually together :drool:
  5. God your motor is sex :hail2:
  6. thanks for the install pictures 98COBRA281 , they do look awesome on your car , wish my engine bay would look this clean , id be cruising without a hood on :)

    and 04GTBLKVERT ill be putting mine this friday , ill update thread with pics.
  7. you should see it now... i pulled the timing cover off today;)

    thanks nightfire:nice:
  8. you should tell them why :D
  9. MHS stage 3.5 NPI cams, matched cams gears, and TFS adjustable crank sprockets:banana:
  10. really hope you get your goal , its not too far and with the cams and the high revs i could see it happening , please do inform us when you get it running , this is one project i am keeping a close eye on because its an interesting build , not to mention one clean and sick car :)
  11. thanks man, it made [email protected] 6k where the cams peaked, and ran out of fuel, with the big cams, and the extra 1000 rpm, it should be a great combo with the manifold, im also going to order the 6061.com upper plenuim, so that should help some too!
  12. If you dont mind me asking cobra what are you "goals"?
  13. That will look killer! How much do those plenums cost?

  14. 350+ RWHP N/A NPI:D, and high 11's

    about $225, i think thats a good price, and wish i would have bought it in the first place
  15. that sucker will rip!!!
  16. Which means im getting cams soon :D
  17. That plenum w/the welding bead looks Gourgeuos:drool:,
  18. alittle update with the plate and Rails in place :)
  19. Looks good, I was going to get my done but I didn't know you need an adapter for the plenum so I just order it..
  20. Anyone interested in getting Edelbrock to design in stock fuel rail use needs to call their tech line and tell them. I pulled some strings and spoke to "da man" there that could get this change done and its something they are now interested in (maybe I was the first to get to talk to the top about it I don't know). Getting a few people to let them know I am not the only one desiring this change could help the cause. That would get this intake down into the $500 range (with a proper elbow) and IMHO they would sell 4 times as many.