Edelbrock's Victor Jr. 4.6L Intake Manifold

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  1. that would be awesome, what type of elbow you talkin about?
  2. is there a build thread on your car? or a list of your mods? i have seen your threads here and there. i havent been on the forum in a little bit, last time i seen one of your post you were still making the intake adapter. i really like the direction your car is going :nice:

  3. The 6061 welded one shown in the pics above is the only choice at the moment and at $225 would be tough to beat unless Edelbrock casts a custom correct to fit one. An elbow designed for the PI intake does not work near as good as its just too narrow where it meets the plenum.
  4. Do they sell this as a kit? and where can I get this stuff?

    Do they have that second sensor tapped for us npi dudes?
  5. Moar pictures , comparing stock plenum opening with the intake one
  6. no i never really did a built thread, but its pretty much fully built N/A motor, that will be revving to 7k rpms, i can pm you everthing that it has done to it if you want, BTW it just went [email protected] untuned, full weight!

    yes, there is a 2nd hole
  7. is this lower manifold proven to make any horsepower yet? just wondering because ive been looking at intakes for a long time and cant figure out the right one for my set up. most of the full intakes make power but way up high. i liked the p51 but it is heavy and some claimed they lost power with it. really i havent heard anything about just the lowers like this one. nothing about the trick flow....

    what kind of numbers does this thing put down?
  8. i believe a member on this board made more horsepower and torque than a ported hardball'r intake on his FI setup , i think it was around 15 hp? i just cant seem to find the post to quote it.
  9. so your saying he made 15rwhp on top of the rwhp he made already from the hardball intake? i guess thats not too bad. however, i dont know what the hardball makes. in my opinion if any aftermarket intake can make 30 rwhp thats pretty good. i used to read that the bullitts could make that on fi cars. they are however too hard to deal with getting all the parts. there has to be an easier way. im not completely put off on the p51 yet. not to mention that foxlake can port it for you. i would think it has to make power. i cant believe that some say they lost even fi.

    on the other hand if intakes like this paired with a nice plenum can make the same power and be lighter weight then thats the way to go. there are just not enough tests i guess.
  10. i think the edelbrock intake is a great manifold, and i bet it will work great on turbo/blower cars, and it works good N/A but needs to be reeved to about 7000 rpms!, when i put mine on, we only revved it to 6k, and it made about 15rwhp more then the plastic pi, and that was only at 6k and im N/A! i now have the MHS cams, and will be revving to 7000ish, i think it will make quite a bit more power then the last dyno run (320 rwhp)
  11. here is the posts i was referring to :)
  12. It made more power up top, but how did it compare thru out the whole RPM range?
  13. (to anyone who has the intake manifold)

    where did you get it?!!?!
  14. you could get it at jegs Edelbrock Victor Jr. Ford 4.6L SOHC Manifolds - JEGS

    for 289$ , rails cost 99 i think and 69 for adapter from MMR or just fab one... after ordering the MMR i guess i should have just fabbed one :)
  15. jegs or summit!
  16. it lost some tq down low, but thats what happens when you go to a short runner intake.
  17. wow most of the last couple posts seem very positive for this intake. how much of a torque loss did you experiance down low?

    also what is the adapter plate for, isnt the intake made for our cars?
  18. it is , its just we want to keep the stock style plenum on , this intake is for a competition style plenum/TB.
  19. does anyone else make the adapter

    and does anyone have a picture of the adapter????

    (the adapter is to run a regular plenum?, as in stock size??)
  20. I'm a little late in this thread and a bit confused. The intake is VERY well priced. What exactly is the deal with plenum and then TB tube options?? It relocates the TB right, so we need a new tube and new plenum / adapter. I'd like to compare this to the 800 dollar Trick Flow piece which is good to go with no real changes.

    If anyone can clarify our options here I'd appreciate it.:nice: