Edelbrock's Victor Jr. 4.6L Intake Manifold

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  1. no, you can run a stock intake, it does not relocate the T/B, it does raise it up a little, but thats it.

    to make good N/A power with this intake you will need a good set of cams, and about 7000rpms!
  2. well if you want the hard truth , here is a list of what you will need to hook it up.
    intake 289$ Jegs
    rails cost 99$ Jegs
    69$ Adaptar + 140$ Fittings and stock line route MMR
    Shipping cost 11$ + 24$
    total: $632
  3. so edelbrock dont make an upper to go with this and neither does anyone else? thats strange they would not make it to fit stock style plenums since there are accufab, cl, tf... anyway, so you need the adapter to make it fit. then you need the fuel lines and fittings. now heres a question...

    what if you buy the intake and adapter then buy the bbk fuel rail kit which seems to come with all the fittings and stuff. would that work or is there a problem getting this intake and fuel rails linked up to the stock stuff even with an aftermarket kit that has those fittings included? i would think something like this would be a little cheaper if it would work.

    heres a link
    BBK High Flow Aluminum Fuel Rail Kit (99-04 4.6L) at AmericanMuscle.com - Free Shipping!

  4. Problem there the stock plenum doesn't work as well on this setup. Take a look at the picture of the size difference to the intake plenum. I know of someone working on a combo that would include:

    6061 elbow
    Mods to intake to fit stock fuel rails or stock type fuel rails for those that already have good aftermarket ones

    For $699 shipped range

    Should know more details next couple of weeks after the fabricator gets done with the prototype. If it works then its a simple bolt on and retune.

  5. Edelbrock initially designed this intake for the Cobra kit car crowd, there was never a thought to mount it to a stock fuel injected Mustang. The fuel rail mounts on this intake are unique and the fuel rails that fit don't have a sensor mount built in. This is why everybody using it is fabbing things to fit.
  6. I was wondering about how this intake affected your torque, it looks great for making good hp with those short runners, but i figure it would take away on your torque, im running a ported trickflow to match my heads myself. I would imagine my car would have made more torque with stock intake, but the car makes good power and runs good so thats all i care about.
  7. Very nice setup!
    This intake is actually my next mod lol...didn't realize others were already doing it haha. Should make great power...especially up top.
  8. so will the bbk rail kit not work then? i guess just the edelbrock rails work?
  9. just got my 6061.com plenuim today!

  10. any SOTP diff?

  11. yes, it feels very snappy, and way better throttle response, it will spin half way through 3rd with the 315 sumi's:rlaugh:
  12. 17032010053.jpg
    Update on the status , the fittings have arrived and it is what you see in the picture , my intake is going on this weekend and i should post up a dyno sheet :)

  13. Sweet, the stock elbows just don't work on the Edelbrock IMHO.
  14. the 6061 plenuim is huge compared to the stock plenuim with adapter plate, its a very nice part! excelent workmanship!
  15. Update on the install , was a very tiring one but at the end it was worth it , car feel much lighter than stock , drive ability is awesome and better than stock , my Vortech pipe needs some trimming its blowing off at 5k rpm :rlaugh:

    so dyno has to wait.

    More pictures with details next morning :D
  16. and there was 0 clearance issues with hood i might add , stock hood closes like stock.
  17. More pictures for reference , note the the fuel rail setup :)

    you wouldn't believe how deep the gap is , its enough to fit a bag in there.
    Rail Picture. awesome quality , don't mind the oil my hands are dirty ^^
    Fuel Pressure sensor is mounted in the front and the feed is on the other side , the stock fuel line will not reach the front of the rail , i believe you need a 97-98 feed line its a direct fit and is longer making it OEM and clean! if your doing it reveres for the sake of simplicity.
  18. Hey guys,

    I've just had my (P)lastic (I)ntake Manifold crack at the thermostat housing on my 2001 (112k miles), and lost most of the coolant.

    After I check to see if the engine is still usable, I would like to use the Edelbrock Manifold. The car is completely stock and I would be aiming for an N/A setup. I figure I'd start now since I may be replacing the manifold.

    I'm currently trying to piece together and price out everything. I've found the Manifold + Rails, plus the MMR Plenum Adapter Plate (w/ lines + fittings) + Fuel Rail Sensor Adapter.

    What else am I looking at getting to complete this? I noticed kuwait showed a few odds and ends. What are these specific parts and where might I find them for sale.

    Any help is much appreciated.
  19. honestly man, coming from someone with it, its just not worth it N/A, even if the car is built, it took bout $1000 bucks to get mine on the car, and it barly made any more power on a high comp, ported head, cams and longtubes car, the PI intake will support good N/A power:nice:

    and the stock plenuim with the adapted doesn't work good at all, it will make the 4 corner cylinders rich. its just too narrow to work on the edelbrock