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  1. so i just got my license and i'm trying to calculate the table for the cam settings.

    when i hit "Calculate", an "Open File" dialogue box comes up looking for a .db file.

    please don't tell me it's asking for a datalog. i don't have the R/T and was thinking this program was gonna calculate the table values for me so i can enter them with the tweecer.
  2. Sorry,
    It's looking for a datalog.....
  3. great... $55 down the hole.

    thanks for the response.
  4. i'll buy it off ya
  5. i appreciate the offer, Dan, but fortunately, i was able to get a refund after explaining my situation to Clint.

    i suppose this might not be a possibility, but is there a way i can get the table for the injector timing using someone else's datalog that has a very similar combo?
  6. Yeah Paul

    EA works hand in hand with the data

    It has some absolutely great help files :nice:

    You used to be able to look at them without registering.

    One thing you might think about after you upgrade that basic unit .....

    IIRC ... Clint offers a discount on the package of EA and his Bin Editor

    I've seen others on the .org site say they would not go back to
    CalEdit after working with Bin Editor :shrug:

  7. I forgot to answer the dad gum question :doh: :rlaugh:

    I'd post up at the .org site for some help in that area :nice: