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  1. I just installed the latest version of the EEC analyzer. When I try to create a custom MAF file under the MAF tab, EA rounds up the numbers for both the voltage and airflow numbers. The old version did not do this.

    Has anyone else experienced this and is there a way fix/ eliminate the rounding of numbers?

    Edit: For example if I input 2.7999 for voltage it changes to 2.8. The old version did not change anything. Plus TwEECer accepts the 2.7999 number. I will just have to be just a little bit more mindful when changing the MAF numbers to ensure I put them in the correct column in CalEdit. Now if I input, say 42.3, in the airflow column it changes to say 41.078.

  2. I haven't used any recent versions of EA, but I would like to hear what comes of this...

    There is usually some rounding when entering into CalEdit, but I wouldn't think that would happen in EA...

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  3. Well Al

    Some things are useless :shrug:

    Like ... Tits on a boar hog :D

    Thats how it is with me and this thread :rlaugh:

    Like Jason ... my version of EA is old ... I mean really O L D :bang:

    I looked at the serial number and it was like 000004 :(

  4. How much rounding are you seeing?

    BinaryEditor reports the resolution on the MAF Transfer as:
    Voltage: 0.244 e-3
    Air Flow: 0.317

    Typical MAF transfers have voltages and air flows to two decimal places which is pretty good detail.

    Clint is awesome about answering emails if you have problems.


    Edit: EECAnalyzer Version here.
  5. FYI. I emailed Clint and here is his answer.

    "The rounding is there to show you what the numbers will be converted to when you place it into the EEC. The EEC only allows certain numbers and will round them if they are not correct. The EA mimics this so you can see what is going to happen to the numbers before you download to the processor".

    I will test this theory. I will input a number in EA and then input that same number in CalEdit to see if it adjust to the same number that EA says it should adjust to. If this is the case then at least I'd know the numbers that CalEdit will accept (adjust to) before I load them into the MAF.

    I will report my findings.
  6. I can say these kinds of things have happened to me when working with the
    maf curve using CalEdit :)

    The last or 30th cell would some times change to a zero value :eek:

    I might call for say a 3% change in one or more cells and see the exact value
    after I did the refresh and save thing

    Then at other times I might see the value changed by roughly ....

    I would say the values stayed in that half point range most of the time
    but I did see them every now and then fluctuate to like as much
    as + or - six tenths of one percent

    I am just trying to explain what I've seen and don't claim I know
    why these things happen :scratch:

    I've often suspected it has to do with the conversion of decimal
    to hex but that is just a wag ( wild azz guess) on my part ;)

    I don't trust A N Y automated import or export kinda thing :nono:

    I A L W A Y S hand load my values in each cell :D

    I've A L W A Y S checked and double checked by hand using my
    calculator on each maf point :Word:

    And most important of all ... as I've seen it ... when working with
    the maf curve :)

    Look one last time after you have done the refresh and save to
    new file name ... I'm telling you ... I've seen them change the
    first time you do the new file name save.

    I wanna make it clear this stuff is in the software and has nothing to to with the upload to the pcm.


  7. I'm just as anal Grady (in a good way). I also manually input my numbers, double and triple check and then calculate the % changes with the calculator and I've been able to get the numbers very close. No importing/exporting for me.
  8. Not only have I seen this stuff with the maf curve
    In several other areas of the pcm as well :D

    Have you ever experienced this kinda thing :scratch:

    You try and enter a value and hit the refresh button to see it
    picks a value lower than your original entry :(

    You try a second time and it does the same thing :notnice:
    It does the same if you try again :bang: :rlaugh:

    You then enter a value just a tad higher than your original value
    It takes the exact value you tried to enter
    It is closer to your intended value on the + side than the lower value

  9. I'm not entirely up to speed on what causes the rounding error.

    But from what I have gathered it is due to the conversion from the text format we enter, to HEX code.

    As Clint explained in the quote above the EEC can only accpet certain values. It will round for you, if you don't provide acceptable numbers.

    Not sure if that helps, but it was free...

    The fact that EA will simulate the rounding that the EEC will do, is pretty cool.
    It shows how committed Clint is to providing quality products.

  10. EXACTLY. I learned that early on.
  11. eec analyzer


    i've updated my eec analyser to 4.0.7 but now its unregistered, and i've lost my serial key :( can somebody help me out?