EEC-IV Trouble codes - quick reference .pdf

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  1. I found this a while back and thought it might come in handy if you ever had to search for trouble codes because you didn't have anything immediately available.

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  2. You get an A for effort, and it is good that you gave thought to the plight of guys stuck without an answer.

    I post a link to a similar chart every time I post the How to dump codes tech note. See Trouble Codes OBD & OBD2 Trouble Codes and Technical info & Tool Store. By BAT Auto Technical

    There are 2 problems with the common charts and links:
    1.) Most guys have no clue of what to do with the codes once they have them. The common charts have no info on what caused the codes or how to fix them. The three service manuals I have (OEM Ford, Chilton & Haynes) are equally devoid of help to fix the codes.

    2.) The typical one size fits all chart is not customized for 5.0 Mustangs: You have to guess and try to figure out does this apply to a 5.0 Mustang or a Mazda.