1. Hello,

    I've bought a used 5.0 engine from a supposedly late '95 Mustang. It has SVO aluminum heads, GT40 manifold and SVO throttle body (measuring 70 mm) and a manual T5 tranny.

    I haven't seen the donor car and I'm not in contact with the seller anymore.
    I bought the engine 5 years ago to put into my '66 Mustang, and I've only just now come so far, as to putting the engine in, but now I'm getting into trouble...

    The wires and the computer has hand written labels saying "96 Mustang". The computer says "ZXA3" with a date code saying 02/15/96 and now I'm pondering if someone messed up:

    As far as I'm told, the 5.0 ended in '95 and replaced by the 4,6 Mustang. Most of the 94-95 mustangs run on the EEC-IV, but some late model run on the EEC-V.

    But does the same ZXA3 computer used on the 4,6 models match on a 5.0?
    Does someone know if the 5.0 Mustang came with a ZXA3 EEC-V computer or did the seller just conned me and gave me a wrong computer and harness?

    The reason im pondering is, that when putting the wires together, the male/female plugs from the PCM to the engine harness match perfectly... but the color codes on the wires are different.

    I've been searching the net for EEC-V Mustang diagrams but its rather difficult. I know I should be using the EEC-IV, but this is what I got :(

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  2. Whew yeah...wrong computer. Get an A9L

    A9L -- 88-93 Mustang (5-speed)
    includes A9L, A3M, A3M1, D3D1, X3Z, S0Z

    A9M -- 88-93 Mustang (auto)
    includes A9M, A9P, C3W, C3W1

    A9S -- 88-93 Mustangs (CA.)
    includes A9S, 8LD

    ZA0 -- 94-95 Mustang
    includes T4M0, U4P0, W4H0, J4J1, ZA0
  3. Yeah, I know the EEC-IV is preferred.. But since I already got the EEC-V and its told to come from the same '95 car as the engine, I would like to give it a try (changing computer also means changing the complete harnes = $$$). I dont mind soldering some wires to get the EEC-V working if I could only find the schematic for a ZXA3 computer.

    The question is whether or not the ZXA3 came with this 5.0 ? Is so, it should be possible to getting it started I would assume. It just bothers me, that the wires dont match up in colod if its from the same car??

    And if I get a A9L EEC-IV + harness... will it then work with the '94-95 intake and MAF?

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  4. I think any Mustang with the EEC V OBDII computers are still considered 96 though some would have build dates in late 95. Just as a 96 model. In all my years Ive never come across a 95 Mustang with a 302 that had a functioning EEC V DLC under the dash. Only the 3.8s did in 94 and 95. Maybe there is, I certainly dont know one hundred percent sure but I know a lot of people have tried to make hybrid EEC V PCMs for their car by stealing one out of a 96 F series and trying to make it work on their Mustang. Dont think theyd go through the trouble if some Mustang processors that were EEC V compatible could be sourced for a 302 stang.

    As for diagrams, what do you need, I have complete access to the Ford OASIS database that ahs every ford manual and EVTM from about 94 on up to current. I can post up pics of anything you want.

    Main thing Id wonder about is does the wiring you have go to a distributor or to coil packs? The EEC V on the mustang is distributorless for 96 on up.
  6. You'd spend alot less time and money just buying the correct harness and computer to match your engine. That being said, I have a 5.0 94/95 engine/computer harness if you need one. Let us get some close up pics of your harness and we can tell you whether it's from a 94/95 or not.
  7. toyman might be onto something. ford didn't stop making the 5.0 in 95, they just stopped putting it in a mustang. the obd2 5.0's were in explorers for a few years after that. maybe you've gotten a modified obd2 5.0
  8. Here is my thinking on the whole swap thing

    You know how so much more info is floating around about
    the fox stangs than 94-95 stangs?

    There is gonna be even less if that is an explorer setup

    If I was gonna do that kind of swap

    I'd wanna use parts that were the most common
    I'd benefit more from the larger knowledge database

    Example ... You take your stang in for a tune

    You gotta ask yourself ... Which have they laid hands on more

    Fox Stang
    94-95 Stang
    An explorer they souped up for somebody


  9. Well, I'm certainly not sure what I've got.. I have 2 different wirings. One wich has a tape from Ford wrapped around the harness main plug that says


    This one has a connector to the EEC with 60 pins.. Is that an EEC-IV then?

    The other harness (that matches the ZXA3 computer I have already) is with 104 pins but has a '96 date code.. is that the EEC-V then?

    I get the feeling that I need another computer, maybe the T4MO from a 95 GT, and use the F5ZB harness instead of the one I have now. So if you have wiring diagrams of the harness of that one, I could maybe see if the color of the wires on the main plug matches the colors on the EFI harness I already have on the 5.0 ?

    What cars came with the ZXA3 computer then? Is it the Explorer only? I know I should just get the harness from the popular 88-92 EEC-IV, having some harnesses already, I would love getting this to work :)