Expired Ef Programable Managment System Complete

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  1. I have a Anderson Ford Programmable management system , EFI-System Series 4 PMS Fits 89-93 5.0L Mustang.
    lug n play. No wiring needed

    . View screen on key pad monitoring spark timing, rpm, injector function, throttle position, load range, water temp, air charge temp, manifold pressure, mass air voltage.

    . Full tuning ability through Key pad (no lap top needed)

    . Full sequential stand alone.

    . Real time tuning. While engine is running.

    . No waiting for flashing or uploading.

    . Tuning from idle to 9900 rpm in fuel and timing in 500 rpm increments

    . Tuning by boost. Up to 30lb with 3 bar map sensor

    . Tuning for Nitrous.

    . Tuning by air charge temp or water temp for fuel and timing

    . Individual cylinder tuning for both fuel and timing

    . Start fuel setting which controls the injectors when the starter is turning the engine over. This gets ride of the hard starting with 42lb injectors or bigger

    . Two step rev-limiter

    . Two programmable output switches by RPM/TPS

    . Stores three separate tuning programs

    . 100% more powerful with twin processors than FORD ECC computer

    Asking $ 750.00 o.b.o.

    email- [email protected] any questions
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.