Effective/cheap mods to increase hp for cars?

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  1. Long story short, I'm 18, don't exactly have a lot of money to drop into the 03 gt, and am looking to increase the power of my gt. Because of school I can't work as many hours and am curious as to what some good bolt ons or other mods are for our cars that give quick hp. Any recommendations? Btw I already have an o/r x-pipe w/ flowmaster 40 series mufflers.

    Also, I have very limited knowledge about performance mods for our cars and am trying to learn more. I can't install anything myself and wouldn't want to attempt it because I don't want to mess anything up. I'd have to take it to the shop down the road that does a lot of work on mustangs.
  2. air silencer removal?
  3. Care to explain what that does and the hp gains?
  4. well if you can swing it i say spray. no chip is required and no tuning as long as you stay 100 shot or smaller and make sure its a wet kit. NX makes a great plate kit that is easy to install and everything.

    thats pretty much your best bet for quick power for cheap. the power is there when you want it just arm the system and mat the pedal to the floor.

    otherwise there are some free mods you can do like air silencer removal. but dont really waste your money on intakes.
  5. Remove the airsilencer, drop in a K&N air filter get 4.10 gears and a custome tune. The gears will make your car feel much much faster and is the best mod to get other then cams,LTs and F/I.
  6. I mean I'm not completely broke, I should be able to spend around a grand on mods in the summer. Just wondering if I had $1,000 what should I spend it on as far as performance mods go?

    Also about cams, would I be able to do something with those with a grand to drop? Would that be a good investment for my gt?
  7. you cant get cams done for $1000.

    with a grand to spend you can spray it and make some nice power
  8. Nitro isn't really my thing, and I just had a sub put in my trunk so there is no room for nitro :p
  9. Id say spray too , you can get a killer deal from AM on the NX plate kit right now.
  10. Gears + Shifter + Exhaust + Intake (if you do it on a budget).
  11. :nonono:Nitrous > annoying rattling trunk lid
  12. gears+xcal3/diablo+k/n. itll make for a nice seat of the pants difference.
  13. insulated trunk ftw

    Also, with 4.10's what would my gt top out at? I had been considering getting some 4.10's or 3.73's
  14. unless your on the salt flats or turn it into a TT 8 sec drag monster you wont run out of gear. and 4.10s are NOT too much. some people like to think they are.
  15. I also have an '03 GT so here is my .02!

    1. 4:10 Gears - FRPP or Motive

    2. Exhaust - I bought MAC because they were having a special. I got the Ceramic coated Long Tubes and Prochamber Mid for $500. They seem to have these specials all the time. Call them and see if they have any forum discounts. They work great and sound great!

    3. MGW Short Shifter - Except for the steering wheel this will be the thing you most interact with on your car. Make sure it's a good thing. MGW is the BEST!!!

    4. Throttle Body/Plenum - Doesn't do a whole lot unless you go FI but looks real nice under the hood and does give the motor better throttle response!

    5. Reusable Air Filter - Don't buy the K & N branded filter. Summit sells the same one for less under their name and it's the same thing. Also, don't waste your money on an aftermarket CAI unless you want it for looks.

    6. UDP's - Some people think it's worth buying Steedas. I don't. I bought Summit brand ones and they work fine. They also give the car a little more zip!

    7. Try lightening up the car by getting rid of stuff like your spare tire & jack, back seat, etc. Maybe some lighter racing bucket seats in front. This is more involved and more expensive but you can remove your K-member and replace it with a tubular k-member. That will drop at least 80lbs off the nose of the car.

  16. i have a question for the 18 year old thread starter....


    chances are u wanna go faster which is understandable. But the car is plenty fast as is. your asking about top speed bc u want bragging rights and will just wind up doing something stupid. u dont have the experience, nor the maturity/control to be doing high speed on the road.
    Dont get mewrong, im only 21. But, my job as a firefighter/paramedic forces me to scrape dumbass kids who dont know when theyre going to fast off the road.

    Do yourself and the people w/ or around you a favor. Make the exterior look super good, upgrade the brakes and suspension so that the car can stop and turn. And just drive it for a few years...

    just my .2
  17. The next thing you should do is gears if you don't get nitrous.

    As far as topping out, you can do over 160 with 4.10's in 5th gear, but you won't have the power to get there without alot more work, nor do you need to be going that fast in the first place.
  18. wise words, but don't blanket punish him lol im 18 and i too like trying to find ways to add power, i just dont expect it to be cheap lol

    i forget the members name on here, he's still in high school and is is doing a sick npi rebuild with ported heads he did himself, and the other member who is like 18 and has a vortech in his yellow 04 gt.....dammit im bad with names lol

    gears would make it feel much more responsive off the line, and if you have spare time then try working on the car once in a while, you'll find you save an assload of money by doing installs yourself (after lots of reading and researching lol).
  19. As others have pointed out and as I said earlyer gears are the best bang for you buck mod. I wish I did gears as my first mod. Get the FRPP 4.10s and have fun.
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