Effects of running no exhaust

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  1. What would happen if I ran no exhaust, just a Pacesetter longtube header.
  2. loss of hearing
    multitude of tickets
    pissed off neighbors
    no girlfriend or friends
    burnt exhaust valves

    the biggest problem is cold air traveling up the header after you stop, and harming the exhaust valve.
  3. What if it was just for the summer then...any ideas how it would sound..I'm looking for technical problems...like your last answers. I really could care lest about the other issues. I'm married and all my neighbors have loud cars, I know plenty of cops too so no problems there
  4. It'll burn the valves quick with an open header. Plus carbon monoxide poisoning. It'll be LOUD, harsh and annoying. and slow.
  5. Hmmmmmmm...well these flowmasters are to quiet for me..what can I do to be louder but not ricey sounding
  6. Thats how some racing cars run so there must be ways it is likely true about the valves.....when you race you rebuild things more often so that would not be a concern....but man you are talking loud,very very loud. It will give you a power gain though, too, so you gotta like that. You ever hear an old clunker thats muffler fell off? Now think if the normal aftermarket Mustang exhausts are loud imagine the noise with some throttle.......you would seriously want ear plugs.....at least. When I bought my car the H pipe was leaking so I unbolted the one side and started it with the bolts in but loose, and I tell you that is bad enough and that is one good leak on only one side......even if you know cops or own the roads and rule your own empire you are not going to want to run it like that for long....the "fun" of it would quickly wear thin, I would almost bet you that....but for a trip or something I would'nt mind trying it. Just the thought of it is humorous....kinda....no offence to you, when I say that.
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  8. Hy no muffler, did you have a cat on? how exactly did you have your setup and how did it sound.
  9. There is a "how to" in.......www.mustangworld.com tech section that may interest you, it involves putting screw in caps from old steel drums that you can put in your mufflers so you take them out it gives you the "dump effect" or with them in it flows normally through the tailpipes. I was impressed, it takes work and some skill but the ingenuity is there.
  10. if you want loud, dump the flows before the axle. :D

  11. Damn straight. Had mine like that for awhile BEFORE I got my header and the bass from the exhaust was unreal. Sure sounded like a V8 til you passed 3000 RPM. I'm curious as to what it'd sound like now with the header and flows, but I don't really wanna cut my exhaust.
  12. My friends 89 2.3 had it's muffler FALL OFF (rust LMAO). That thing was LOUD. You could hear it coming from like two blocks away. While driving in it, it constantly smelt of fuel and exhaust fumes, and you had to yell really, really loud to talk to each other. It lost some power from this. It sounded really cool though.
  13. I started my car with the Pacesetter open and revved that ****er and it sounded like a dragster. Damn I wish I could run it like that again.
  14. The muffler fell off right after I got the car. It wasn't so much a setup, yes it had the cats. I thought about removing them but I decided it already had lost to much backpressure and it was never gonn a be fast. I'll take a picture in the morning. I loved the noise it made. Especialy when you jump off the gas in gear :)
  15. Yeah, taking your entire exhaust line off is not a good idea at all. If you must have your car louder you could always just take off your cats and put a high-flow on there. That's about as loud as you are going to want to go. I would imagine that if you just took your muffler clean off and just ran both cats like nomuffler then that would probably be a bit louder than my first recommendation. If you really want it to be loud then get one of those arrogant 4" diameter exhaust tips that all the ****ing ricers have on their little piece of garbage civics. You'd probably lose a lot of respect around here and nobody here is going to recommend it, but you could still do it. The only other thing that I can think of as far as changing your sound goes is to get some resonator tips. These things actually have resonators in the exhaust tip which is supposed to give you a bit more of a throaty, deeper, V8 sound. Thats all the advice I got for ya man. If and when you try some of these different exhaust setups be sure to let us know how it turns out for you. Best of luck bud.
  16. How much is too little?
    I have just the downpipe and it only reaches a foot past the front tire.
    140cilx and I are taking care of that this Saturday.
  17. It may just be a rumor, but I hear without an exhaust, you loose power because of no back pressure. Can anyone comment on that issue.
  18. Ok so what if I just disconnect everything after the Catco hi-flo cat, would I still risk burning my exhaust valves, would there be any issues wirh the O2 sensor? Would it sound ricey?
  19. That would work, but you will be shocked how loud it is dumping underneath the car. Try just dumping it at the muffler to start with. then, if it STILL isn't loud enough, dump it at the cat.
    Either way, you will be smelling exhaust at all the stoplights.
  20. Yup or he could just try cutting out some 2" holes in the muffler ;)

    I would ask around first before I did either one of those, in my state that wouldn't pass imspection. So you may want to get that sticker first before you do any dumping ;)