Effects of running no exhaust

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  1. You will not burn the exhaust valves with a pacesetter header only...won't hurt a damn thing except your ears...
  2. :lol:

    Backpressure doesn't give you more power. What really happens is, as long as the exhaust stream is contained within a tube, the energy of the exhaust pulses is harnessed to draw along the exhaust charge as a whole. It's possible to actually slow your car down by removing parts of the exhaust without making more power, or making the exhaust too large, or a combination of both. Expanding gas that explodes out of the cylinder as soon as the valve cracks, and does no more work, is wasted power. Yet the backpressure of too restrictive an exhaust is also harmful. So you strive to acheive the perfect balance of high exhaust velocity and low backpressure...

    Exhaust pulse energy is why long tube headers make such a difference, because there is no destructive interference between cylinders as in a manifold or short header, but rather each cylinder's exhaust energy works to leave a vaccuum in its wake which more completely scavenges the cylinder.
  3. It wasnt actually a completely open exhaust. If i remember right it had a short peice of exhaust pipe on it cut off right before the first cat. The little pipe made one hell of a difference too, the sound that a 2.3 makes with an open manifold is just unbearable.

    A peice of advice to you guys wanting to run an open header... don't. that **** gets old quicklike. You'll be spending money on a new exhaust before you know it
  4. Is dumping it right after the muffler really going to make that much of a difference?
  5. In my opinion No. I haven't seen or heard of any benifits from doing this other than making it louder and harder to get inspected.
  6. So it will be louder and sound pretty much the same tone is what your saying? Hmmmmmm..I want it to be louder and a little more raspy. Don't care about inspection
  7. Umm...not sure if it will sound good or not on a 2.3L(T). You could always leave the tail pice off and if it sux put a tail pip on :nice: One more thing sometimes it resonates bad inside the car without a tail pipe.
  8. I would run a short 90 degree pipe no matter what I do so that the fumes wouldn't be so bad. I just want it ti be louder without being ricey, that's all
  9. What I mean is dumping the exhaust before the rear axle at the muffler could cause a ton of noise inside the car. I'm not sure how bad a 4cl is but I would die before I even ride in a V8 thats been done this way :D The best thing to ddo is try it would and if its good than run with it and if its not put a tail pipe on it.
  10. when I installed my Flowmaster, I had to leave off my LX 5.0 tailpipe till I could get around to adapting it. I drove it around like that for months but it only took about a week before it was severely aggravating me. It won't make you go deaf but it is freaking loud and sometimes the interior resonance under full load vibrates your eardrums at such a high frequency that it hurts. And it stank, and looked like ass because my tailpipe was missing. (think redneck)

    I have the pipe on now as God intended and it looks/sounds sooooo much better, the FART sound is completely gone and replaced with a smooth loud exhaust tone. And yes you do lose a little torque taking that pipe off, but probably not enough to notice.
  11. Thanks I was wondering if someone had done a 4cl this way. I've been in V8 were you go insane with it killing your eardrums and have to yell to the person beside you. Now these where cars without a "X" or "H" pipe which helps out a lot but you really can't do that on a four banger.

    As for looks goes, I would rather someone run duels on these cars than no tail pipe and a single muffler hanging down under tha car :nice:
  12. well right now i am running with just cats and a pipe that goes about 2 feet off the cat i have noticed more hp with it like this and it aint that loud at all