EFI Conversion

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  1. Attention anyone who wants to convert their classic mustang to EFI. I Have a complete computer harness from a 1994 gt with sn95 computer as well as A9L computer and adapter harness. The harness adapter comes with BAP Sensor and A9L computer. The main harness comes with O2 sensors, TPS, Ignition module, IAT sensor, MAF sensor. I also have complete fuel lines from tank to rails, 94/95 rails, and all injectors. Also have performer RPM fuel injected manifold, however it needs a new rear plenum. Will include autometer rail mount Fuel pressure gauge. Asking $750 shipped. Can also include MSD Pro billet distributor for this system. With distributor which has only two trips to the track on it, I will do $950 shipped. I know this is supposed to be in classifieds but for some reason it will not let me post in there. PM or email me anytime.