Electrical EFI Harness question

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  1. I'm putting all new loom on my EFI harness (old one was brittle and looked like crap). I came upon an interesting issue, and not sure what to do with it. Would really appreciate some input from those who either have significant wiring experience, or have been inside the EFI harness before. I can speculate that this isn't right, but am looking for more than speculation:

    Just downstream from the center section on the driver's side, all of the red wires are stripped of insulation, bundled together, and the entire stripped of all of the wires is wrapped up in a tar-like substance.

    Is this the way it's supposed to be, or did someone create some sort of monstrosity after the fact? Since each injector has a red wire connected to it, I guess it's possible that Ford wanted them all to join together, but it sure looks funky.

    This harness came off a running car, so it didn't appear to impact how it ran.

    Also posting this in the main 5.0 section to see if I get more input.

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas!
  2. It's probably the 12V splice for the injectors. The ECU swiches them to ground individually to fire them, so they have a common 12V splice for the supply voltage. I've never torn apart one of our harnesses, but it sounds factory to me. The tar-tape was probably used to prevent corrosion and keep the splice water proof.
  3. I know very little about electricity, but this actually makes sense. Either I'm getting smarter, or you're really good at explaining stuff to the simple-minded. :D

    Either way, thanks!
  4. You're very welcome. I'm just glad that it helped. :)

    I've posted quite a few questions here myself, and I've always received great input from the community.

    Take care and good luck.