EFI intake manifolds

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by myroc, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. I,m looking for an intake manifold and was wondering witch is better:
    Trickflow Heat
    Edelbrock RPM.
    So far this is what done to my motor:
    BBK equal lenght headers
    Flowtech H-pipe
    Flow master 2 chamber cat back
    Mach under pulleys
    MSD blaster coil
    MSD wires
    ZEX nitrous system 100 shot
    Engine just rebuilt and has 1000km
    Transgo shift kit
    The car is a 1990 vert AOD with 3;73 gear and new posi kit.
    What intake would work better with this combo.

    Thank myroc
  2. out of those 2... Edelbrock RPM
  3. Thanks.........thats the one l've been kinda leaning towards, cause l don't know much about the TF intake.
  4. performer.......

    the trick flow looks like something i would cook pankcakes on =D
  5. surprised no one has said that those might be too big for your combo..unless u looking to do more in the near future...if u are remaining as u are now or not many more mods i would scratch your 2 choices. anyway my vote goes for teh RPM being better.. plus the trickflow is uggllyy
  6. have you thought about the RPM II yet? it looks good and out does its predeccesor.
  7. myroc

    I have heard several several times the rule of thumb on intakes for a STREET stang is ***

    Light cars like fox coupes should use high rpm intakes.

    Heavy cars like SN95 verts should use low rpm intakes cause they can't afford to give up low end torque.

  8. What would you recommend, cause thats it for mods. I would really like your input

    myroc :nice:
  9. what about a Professional Products Power+Plus Typhoon....
    there spose to equal a rpm perfomer. :shrug:
  10. Yeah, with your stock heads, those intakes do not match well with the ports and you will give up low end torque. The Edlebrock will benifit you when you are spraying and are in the upper RPM's (over 4500) but be honest, how often is that? Maybe a Cobra intake would be good?
    Unless you are planning on a set of Performer heads later then the Performer or RPM intake would be great, and I know you said "that's it for the mods" but come on, is that ever really "IT"?

    (I have a Typhoon intake/ Edlebrock RPM copy)

  11. But you don't get the cool Edelbrock logo on it for an extra 100 bucks :rolleyes:

    I would suggest this as well if you have about an hour to clean it up :nice:

  12. the cobra/gt-40 style of intakes would work best with your combo.keeps great low end and good torque through out the entire rpm range.my second choice would be the performer intake.just cause the quality is great with e-brock products.
  13. Thanks for that bit of info d/x, l'll look into that intake. probably cost alot more l bet, over the Edelbrock.
  14. I really like those intakes.
    GT-40 EFI intake manifold is $599.99
    Mustang Cobra intake manifold is $399.00
    Big price differance, with my mod could i get away with the Mustang Cobra intake, or is it better to spend the extra $200.00 and get the GT-40 intake.
    Would there be that big of a differance in power and torque from the GT-40 over the Mustang Cobra ..

  15. I say go with the Performer. I had one ready to go on until I introduced the '88 GT to a snow bank. I just gave up on it than... and bought an '03 :nice:
  16. Would the performer intake give me the same low end torque as the GT-40/Cobra intakes.
  17. if you upgrade t-body with the cobra you don't need to buy a egr spacer as it has one built into it(saved $50).
    unknown about the same torque you would have to ask somebody(tmoss?) that would have the info on paper.personally think the cobra would be your best bet.
    it worked on the 93-95 cobras just fine.
  18. i would get a tmoss ported lower and/or a stall converter with your mods
  19. If your not going to change heads anytime soon, or when you do if your going to GT40 type heads, then a properly ported stock lower intake will make excellent power across a wide rpm band and it's much cheaper (~$130 total with shipping). If your going to a TW or AFR head later, then get a used 96-97 Explorer or Cobra intake and use it stock wit the E7 heads and port the lower later when going to the aftermarket heads.
  20. I guess what I'm surprised at is that no one has asked you what exactly you're trying to accomplish with the combo. How's the car gonna be used? What do you want it to do? How much bottom end are you willing to sacrifice for big power up top? Emissions an issue?

    With a heavy vert, gear and reasonable levels of bottom and mid range torque are what make them fun to drive day to day. Given your other mods, if you're trying to keep it streetable but have a decent gain that won't kill the bottom - I'd take tmoss up on one of his ported lowers.