EFI intake manifolds

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by myroc, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. I would love to have tmoss do so work on the lowers but l'm live up in Vancouver Canada , and l think it would be a big hassel. I think i will just go out and buy the Mustang cobra intake and install that.
    For the car its a summer only driver, and i just want to have enough power under the hood so when i go to the track 1/4 mile (which is not very often) that i wont look like a fool with some bad time like high 14.
    I would just like to say THANKS for ALL the great info, i'm sum what new to the Mustang seen and have learned alot from all your imput .

  2. I have shipped a few intakes to Canada - not a hassle if you do it right. Send it to me as a "gift". I send it back to you as a "gift" and I don't declare a value so import fees/taxes are practically non-existant.
  3. Well i think i will get the Typhoon intake only $369.00 CDN thats a good deal, all so getting a 70mm throttle body ,EGR spacer and a mas air meter. All that for a little over the price of the Edelbock intake itself. Found a lot of write ups on the Typhoon intake, Dyno test and it the same as the Edelbrock just doesn't have the Edelbrock name on it ........... big deal i,m in it for the performance not the looks. Thank for all you input guys.

  4. You can always fool people and put stickers on it ;) :nice:
  5. Hey.................now theres an idea!!!!