Efi Intake Question

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  1. Hey guys new to the forum and any advice would be appreciated. I have a 95 gt with full bolt ons with 24 lb injectors, cobra intake, edlebrock performer rpm heads, b cam and sct custom tune. I'm looking to change my intake because it's sucking oil through the pcv valve and it's the cheap Chinese made replica. So my question is do I have enough motor to support an rpm 2 intake? I do plan on porting and polishing heads as well as installing a custom cam in the future. Perhaps I may go with the 331 as well
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  3. You said Cobra intake, what Chinese companies make Cobra intakes.
  4. Just buy a catch-can
  5. Changing the intake will not change oil being sucked through your pcv. I would look towards an oil separator instead
  6. I would just change the oil baffle and PCV to an actual Ford part. If I recall, this was the fix for that intake. I don't imagine you're going to gain much going with an RPM II at this point.

    All of the new Cobra intakes are made in China now. Have been for a couple of years.
  7. Sad.
  8. Ok cool. The reason I want to change the intake besides the fact It sucks oil is because I think I have an intake gasket leak and I figured I would go ahead and get the rpm 2 because I plan on a port and polished head job and a custom cam in the near future. I want to be able to drive it until then and when it comes time for the build then my intake will be there already and paid for. I will take your advice on the the catch can. How is the oil baffle on the rpm 2?