EFI Solutions or Custom Chip?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 98GTVortech, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. Which do you guys think would be most effective? The Efi solution where they reflash your computer or to get a custom burned chip? Thanks for all the input.
  2. dyno tune by Tim with his reflash , using the EFI solutions , the only way to do it .
  3. I live in PA so considering that he is in georgia i probably won't be able too get there. Thanks though.
  4. I would say that you can do more stuff with a chip but reflashing EEC will not void your warranty if you don't say anything because they can't really tell.

    I started a thread of what a chip can do that ECU couldn't do and vice versa.. try doing a search.. good luck
  5. No questions. Go the EFI Solutions route. The chip can't adjust the same number of parameters as the flash can.

  6. I drove from VA , but if you dont wanna drive , call him and talk over to him whats going on with your car , you can send your ECM to him to reflash without him having the car , chances are he can dial it in better than any chip you will get .
  7. That's what I'm doing. :)
  8. I vote EFI solutions. Also you can't go wrong with Tim. But, if you feel uncomfortable with shipping your ecu off you can always go to Kauffman Motorsports in Dillsburg, Pa. I think thay are only about a 2 hour drive from philly, and they also use EFI solutions. They have a top notch shop and seem to really now there stuff as well.
  9. if you're in Pa dont bother going to georgia...Kauffman Motorsports in dillsburg is an excellent place...do a search on their name here, you wont see one bad remark, dave really knows his stuff...they are efi solutions, and autologic.
  10. Dave @ Kauffman is a great tuner...He uses the same software we use and does a great job.
  11. Tim who else uses EFI solutions that you know of ? (For the guys too far away to make it to Georgia) and are paranoid of ECU shipping -

    :OT: BTW- Tim I got everything else, but haven't seen my 3.2 pully yet :shrug:
  12. maybe you guys can help me, actually my brother and his 2001 SC saleen, he needs a tune and was told that not everyone knows how to tune a car that uses liquid to air intercoler so can u help or recommand someone in the New england area :shrug:

  13. I think if it were my car I would drive it to Kaufmanns in PA and have it dyno tuned there , I dont think you will be disappointed at the results .

  14. :nice:
  15. My understanding is to have it tuned w/o any liquid / ice in the box. Then when you add ice to it for the track you just get the added power benefit from the colder air charge (no different tune). However I believe if it's tuned w/ a chip you can get a flip switch on some w/ a second program that can have more timing in it for when you have ice in the box. :shrug:
  16. Thanks alot for all the feedback. I have bought products from tim and i wish i could make that drive but it's very time consuming. Kaufmann's i am goign to give them a try and i'll report my results within the month.

    Thanks again
  17. yeah dude kauffman is old exit 17 on the PA turnpike (takes me 1:30 mins doing 75 from West Chester) Once ya get here pay toll and turn right and keep going.

    I goto college 5 mins away from their shop lol.
  18. Which school, i go to Shippensburg which is only 25mins from kauffs but i don't have my car here.
  19. whats up man...my parents own porters carpet and furniture in ship...theres a guy that goes to ship i know named josh, he has a red 98 gt with a vortech also.

  20. I live over in college park i know exactly where those shops are. Do you go here? Also, i play lax would be ironic if you played also?? Anyways sometime before the end of the year is over i am gonna bring my car up we gotta get together and drive around.