EFI Solutions or Custom Chip?

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  1. Im interested too.Its the first I've heard of it,hopefully its not true..I kinda need to be able to tune and get updates:)..Im sure there is another side.Guess someone needs to get Tim on here .

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I have heard some much it is really hard to make a decision based on just opinions. I think i am going to stick with kauffmans.

  3. Bill, from what I understand, CJ no longer owns JMS. His brother is now running the place.

    Chris is part owner of SCT.
  4. Tim, I'm going to send a PM. Let me know whats up at your end.
  5. Chip or flash... it's just a carrier. It's kinda like storing it in memory or putting it on a CD. Both store the data and the computer can work with both, but the media is different. That's it. One is not necesarily better than the other unless you consider that a chip can have bad contacts and cause problems. Also, if you tune by mail, it's alot easier to send a chip back and forth than the whole computer.

    As I understand it, adaptive programs adapt to conditions, like changing weather and changing air flow rates (within a range). If you change the tools that the computer has to work with (i.e. MAF, injectors, etc), you'll need to retune to let the computer know what has changed. Likewise, large changes in air movement through the engine (forced induction) would require a retune to optimize it.
  6. Unless he sold it recently he still owns it he just doesn't run it like you said.

  7. Quick question for Tim aka Cobra Killer

    I'm running a Saleen Series 2 S/C with the a stock pulley and I'm planning to change it to the smaller pulley along with upgrading to a better fuel pump. I'd be interested in seeing what you can get out of my car after a tune using the EFI solutions....

    What kind of charges would I be looking at?

    Hit me back at [email protected] if you don't post prices on the boards...I've attempted to join your boards but still not authorized...

  8. Go here for a quicker answer , www.modularmustangs.net , or give him a call . www.modularfordpowerhouse.com
  9. I'm going to say 340 RWHP
  10. So I definetly need to get larger injectors 42# and the 90mm lmaf? What size TB are you running Tom? I'm currently running a 70 and 80 mm maf...with my current setup. Just trying to get near what you are running out the car...
  11. This is my one and only response to this matter.

    There have been several postings lately from representatives of Pro-M stating that EFI Solutions’ software is based on “information and technology that was obtained from Pro-M” and that as a result we “are now in litigation with Pro-M.” Both of these statements are completely false. First, we have checked and there is presently no ongoing litigation between EFI Solutions and Pro-M, though EFI and its attorneys are considering its options in this regard as to Pro-M and these false postings. Second, EFI Solutions created its software using its own proprietary information and technology, not information and technology obtained from either Pro-M or any other competitor. In fact, Pro-M has recently been soliciting EFI’s principal to either come work for, or collaborate with, them, which they certainly wouldn’t be doing if EFI was merely using Pro-M’s information and technology. For a variety of reasons, EFI and its principal have declined these solicitations, which has led to these false postings by Pro-M. EFI Solutions believes in letting the quality of its products speak for themselves. If Pro-M was so confident in the quality of their products, they would do the same.

    Tim Milliken
  12. Actually Tim, in this thread ( http://forums.modulardepot.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=4038 )

    you said:

    Just wanted to point that out in case you forgot. I would hate for you to correct Pro-M and have someone bring this up latter so I figured I would point it out now.
  13. :bs:

    Failure to realize/ignoring the fact that you're being sued is no excuse.


  14. Ken,

    I did not want to get involved in this and this and my next post will be my last regarding this matter. I do not know you personally and would as much as anybody love for these extremely childish internet games between EFI/SCT/Pro - M Racing/etc. to stop. Obviously, you didn't read Tim Milliken's post in your link correctly. Kevin Timmerman is contracted by EFI Solutions so therefore any information and software development he does for EFI Solutions is the property of EFI Solutions.

    With that said, why do you not respond to Tim Milliken's post in this way on your own site (Modular Depot). I think we know that yourself and the owners of Modular Depot have been legally warned that any more slandering posts regarding EFI Solutions will be taken care of in a court of law.

    So if you do not mind lets all be on our own merry way. Tim Milliken already said he will not be replying to this. He doesn't have time for false/childish insults from anyone (not referring to you or anyone in particular) on the internet. He has software to develop and customers to support.

    Thank you,
    Ashley Loyd

  15. Actually the PCMX has been around for a long time and Tim said he himself that he licensed it. Are you suggesting that the software that EFI uses was not developed until after a contract was signed? I was under the impression, and correct me if I'm wrong, that Tim used the PCMX to start with and had a working model of the EFI Solutions Software before he went to Kevin seeking a license. Like I said, that's what I was told, I may be wrong.

    I don't think this is a pissing match at all. Tim made a statement that the software was developed 100% by EFI and I remembered that he said he licensed PCMX from Kevin. So I thought I should bring that up now instead of it surfacing later and someone calling him a liar. I expected Tim to appreciate me bringing it up, not sending you over here to correct me.

    I have no idea what you are talking about when you say, "I think we know that yourself and the owners of Modular Depot have been legally warned that any more slandering posts regarding EFI Solutions will be taken care of in a court of law." First, I have not received any warnings that you speak of, Second, I don't believe I or any representatives of Modular Depot have ever slandered Tim or his company.

    I didn't see the post on Modular Depot with Tim's reply, if you would like I will also reply over there.

  16. OSpire55 (-J),

    Again, I did not want to be involved in this and this will be my last post regarding this matter. It is obvious that you are drastically misinformed concerning this subject. The only thing you have done with this post is misinform the public. Let it be known that there is without a doubt no legal proceedings coming from Pro-M Racing or its affiliates toward EFI Solutions. The simple fact is there is nothing for them to even possibly be upset about. There is no grounds for Pro-M or its affiliates to even possibly think about sueing EFI Solutions and even the idea of it is absurd.

    So, again lets move along. I think we all have better things to do.

    Thank you,
    Ashley Loyd
  17. Give me a call..Let me know if the authorization hasn't gone thru.

  18. I'm on there now...thanks for the e-mail..
  19. Can someone using EFI solutions tunning equipment place the same tune on a flip chip that they can offer with a flash. I ask because after I get supercharged Kenne Bell or Cobra Killer kit for the autos I would like to have more than 1 position for shift settings something like position #1 = 25% firmer
    and faster than stock, position #2 = much firmer and faster than stock and position #3 track position neck snapping firm and fast?
  20. Yes the dealers will have the chip hardware on WED. or Thurs. to be able to program chips. The chip will hold 4 full files either eec-iv or eec-v. Tim