EFI to carb legal issue???

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  1. That be the troof. I just want to get the other mustang sold.
  2. YO want to hook me up :D been needing a sticker for a LONG TIME.
  3. I think I need to find a 79-82 roller, and throw all the parts from my car on it, due to inspections.

    I haven't had an inspection since Sept of '05. I haven't had the car off the road longer than a month since March of '04.

    Yea, two inspection sticker tickets later, it still won't pass.
  4. yeah well I dont get pulled and I am not saying why cause that would be a confession and I dont want them showing up to my house but I would like to get legal some time:D
  5. Look in my sig. you get the roller plus some extra stuff. :D Make an offer.
  6. Just talked to him. I'm good to go if I pass safety inspection. CARB coming. Now I just gotta sell my EFI stuff.
  7. i guess u could pass the sniffer

    u SHOULD not pass visual

    hope u do:nice:

    is it worth the risk u think?
  8. There isn't a sniffer in NC.
  9. what if they change and get a sniffer:mad:

    u might wanna sell it after the carb, u move as u stated

    cant beat the simple set up of carb
  10. They won't do that. They had it in a few county's before and done away with it for this new type of inspection.
  11. He said just safety. If I move in the near future (5 years) it will still be in NC
  12. you dont have to even get caught with expired inspection in nc they can mail you the fine if its not inspected now
  13. That's for 96 and newer. My mustang hasn't been inspected since '05.
  14. They can mail you one to for safety inspections. Just there computer is more worried about the emissions inspections. ( more money for them)
  15. Oh. nevermind then.
  16. safety inspections the state makes $.85.

    Emissions inspections the sate makes $6.50.

    They don't worry to much about the .85 cent ones.
  17. Ah, they'd prob. spend just that in postage.
  18. Seen as i know something about this as i have already done the same in the UK i thought i would share the info with you.

    Yes it can be done.

    Remove all the stupid sensors and computer with all the stupid lamda crap, catolytic converter if you wish or just get a cat that can tolerate a carb. They do exist but it is not worth the crap.

    You need rewire all the temprature, oil pressure and so on stuff maybe even custom dials. The odometer needs changing and all the clocks. Figure out what type of speedo, RPM clocks to use and sensors to them acordingly. You also need decide on electric or mechanical fuel pumps, carb types, jetting and manifold designes.
    Crossflom or not etc. All this considered you can do it all but be well aware you enter into a legislative bomb shell.

    Here is how to get over the legislation. Carburation cars need to meet a different emision test so you need to get the carburation setup to meet this spec. Silencers need to be quiet, i dont think i need to stress out stupid figures on db here. Just make it quiet and you will be fine. Back boxes specific to your engine and carburation can be expensive so bare that in mind.
    Next is you need to update the log book, YES you need to follow a procedure ta have the logbook changed. This includes a VIC test, special insurance class to drive it to a VIC(Viechle identification test). You need all reciepts for every single part you put on, serial numbers, certificates and lots of other paperwork they request.
    Insurers wont touch you btw so be warned if you do find someone to insure you be prepaired to pay alooooooot.

    Once the VIC and paperwork is done you need apply for a new logbook, marked with the new odometer reading serial numbers and all. From there you will see the logbook will state fuel type and class so now you fall into a carburation test at MOT time.

    Well done you now have a fully converted carbed car, insurance does not cheapen up either lol.

    Note, choose the carbs first that you will use because changing them later for a different type will void your insurance and they dont like madifications on modifications. Be prepaired to have allot of challanges regarding the entire process. Point is that it is not impossible just insane. Maybe a padded cell would be a good place for me as i have already done it, could it be for you too?

    It is far simpler to go down the route of a kit car then do most of the above paperwork. The menefit is far more rewarding rather than trying to mess with some tin plate baked bean tin that all and i mean ALL cars on the market today are excluding supercars like Farrari etc.
    Modern cars stoped doing it for me as soon as they removed the chasie for a subframe baked bean tin.

    Moral of the story, from experience, BUILD A KIT CAR INSTEAD! At least it has a chasie and you can make it look like a Farrari or even a pure bread classic.

    If you buy the chasie then you wont need to bother with crash testing. A certificated chasie has already been tried and tested with minimal extra cost. Pull out you're spanner and get busy lol
  19. What? ^^
  20. A log book?? What?

    Who's gonna be the first to say it? I'm surprised we are on page two of an EFI to carb thread an nobody's chimed in with a "Carbs are for quitters" post

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