EFI to Carb swap questions...

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  1. I've been considering swapping to carb when I rebuild my motor here soon. However, I've heard from some people that there is a difference between the efi and carb heads or intakes or something that I may run into in the process of swapping mine over. I've never seen a difference but if anyone can tell me from experience what the truth is I would appreciate it. I've built many carb 302's but I wanted to use my roller block and maybe some afr 165's or trickflow twisted wedge heads, and slap a torker intake on top with a carb. Is that possible or will I need an older block with older style heads? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks guys...

    94 gt
  2. Most of the people on the boards who have tried this either sold their cars or disappeared. Our cars are OBD which means the EEC runs just about everything. You can't just slap a carb on and go. Our cars have a boat load of sensors that run the motor. You would have to change out the EEC and wiring harness to an older style in order for it to work properly.
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    I understand that you can't just swap the intakes and go... I would have to change the distributor, and plug the o2 sensors along with egr, smog, etc. My only concern here is whether or not the intakes for the older carb 302's will bolt up to the heads that our fuelies run. That way I know which heads to buy for it when I do my rebuild.
  4. yes they will bolt up..... A bud of mine has done this.... We have just recently gotten all his bugs worked out.....(after a year and a half)....

    he wound up with a complete msd ignition, coil, box, and dist.... Hardwired elect fan, no cruise, no this that and none of just about anything else.... Makes more power though...lol

    if you want details on stuff just ask some specific questions....i can even take some pics in a couple of days if you want.......

  5. hope...lol

    Thanks for the info, what year is your buddies car? Also what kind of problems was he having? A list of the parts you guys used to finally get things running well would be appreciated.
  6. Ive done the swap, you can use the same heads, just swap the intake with something like a torker II, Im still using the stock wiring harness and computer, just taped into the ignition wiring, my setup is off a 87 F150, I just used the whole ignition from that. For fuel, I got a mallory fuel regulator, and taped into the fuel pump relay. Been running this setup for like 3 years without problems, but this summer I plan on going with a MSD ignition.
  7. I am in the process of doing a dual quad conversion on my 95 Cobra. So far, mechanically, it has been easy. I have not started the rewire yet though.
    The ignition, fan, and fuel pump switches will be located in a plate where the stock radio used to be. I have 2 Edelbrock 500cfm on a '60s mustang dual quad intake that I found on ebay. The fuel pump is a holley blue and the fuel system is plumbed using aeroquip. Once I get it running again I will be adding a nitrous system. I will document the wiring on my website as I connect stuff up. I am not really sure as to what has possessed me to do this conversion... I guess I just got bored with the car in its EFI/supercharged state... everyone has that setup now. I wanted something unique.