Exhaust Egr Block Off Screws

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by GoldenEagle91, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. A guy mentioned the jegs set earlier in the thread and that is what I will probably end up going with. I think the trick flow pieces are a tad bit extreme to be asking near 10 bucks a piece.
  2. The best price you'll find on the Thermactor plugs


    5/8-11 x 1" bolt with 2 washers ......2 washers because the holes are slightly deeper than 3/4" before you hit the inside of part of the casting... the washer helps space them out slightly.

    5/8-11 x 3/4" threaded bolt is almost impossible to find and that's the reason for the 5/8-11 x 1" bolt.
  3. The Jegs kit is probably going to be the route that I take just to keep it simple.
  4. It doesn't work that way. Once an EGR code is logged, the ECM will not operate the EGR system or add any spark advance in.
  5. Luckily I wont be having to worry about any of that because I will not have a computer involved in the operation of any of my vehicle systems.