Egr Delete Question

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Cupples981, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. I'm doing a PI engine swap on my 97 gt. I'm deleting the egr valve. I've already done the penny trick on the header and blocked off the egr on my throttle body plenum. There's a sensor that comes off of the egr tube. What do I do with that? Leave it plugged in and cap it? What about the various vaccuum lines that go to the valve itself?

  2. Should be able to buy a blanking plate from somewhere pretty cheap. Then it doesn't look so bad and you can remove the thing and get it out from under your hood. Lethal performance might have a blanking plate for it.
  3. Curious: Why are you removing the EGR system?
  4. Good question. Removing EGR systems on these motors tends to make them run worse, lower HP/TQ and get worse gas mileage. If this is a simple swap to put in a new power plant you should leave it all intact. Are you using the ECU from the 97 ?
  5. Yep, though the EGR system is shut off at idle and at WOT so its presence or absence shouldn't reduce maximum output.

    But EGR reduces peak combustion temperatures and thus allows more spark advance at part throttle which increases efficiency. The PCM makes assumptions about EGR flow (which is basically inert gas occupying intake volume) and compensates things like fuel trims. If that flow isn't there and the PCM is not recalibrated those adjustments will constantly be at odds with the closed loop trims.

    I dunno. Seems like kind of a pointless thing to delete.