EGR delete

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  1. on my 87 t/c motor i was wandering if ne body else block this pos off and tossed it?
  2. Usually people only bother blocking it off if they have rotated the upper intake. Even though it has been pointed out that the EGR hole on these is so small that it has little effect even as an EGR, and is only there to keep the emissions people happy.
  3. Does anything else need to be done? If I am not mistaken then that little box on the right strut tower with the red and green vacuum lines going it has something to do with the EGR? Can I just unplug that, plug the vacuum lines at the Vacuum Tree, put a plate over the EGR hole and a plu in the manifold? Thanks....
  4. I have blocked it off but not tossed it. When I put my Ranger header on I had to weld shut the EGR bung because the tubes did not line up for the return. I had unplugged the vacuum line that opens the EGR system, but this caused the Check Engine light to come on, so I made a plate to block the system and plugged the vacuum line back in. The reason for keeping the EGR system there is for a visual check for the emissions test.
  5. Blocking and keeping it passes visual inspections.
  6. I've tossed it on a 93 n/a, an 88 n/a, and now my 88 turbo engine. No problems have resulted from it. I like it simply because there's less stuff in the way when I go to try to work on my engine.
  7. What does it gain you by blocking the EGR?
  8. Keep it simple. Just take the EGR pipe off, and plug the 2 ends with plumbing plugs. Simple, cheap, and easy.
  9. Yea the car runs great w/o egr
    glad i tossed that pos :)
  10. Anyone disagree and say that it DOES help? My 79 Pinto has a 2.3 EFI system from a '87 Mustang, without EGR. (Valve present, but blocked off) and I was thinking of putting one on. The car has an annoying hesistation on acceleration sometimes, thought maybe the computer was being goofy since the air/fuel system wasn't receiving the exhaust gas that it was expecting.


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