1. Hey guys i have question. I have a 90 gt with a trick flow intake a stock throttle body and egr spacer. In the near future i am looking to buy a aftermarket throttle body, but i was wondering if i can just remove the egr spacer because the smog system has been removed? Also what is the best throttle body to buy for a mild setup?
  2. Spacer needs to be intact as it is the mounting plate for your throttle cable. As said many times, theres no benefit to deleting it.
  3. As for throttle body upgrade, i'd stay with a 70 mm on a mild street car to retain goid street mannners
  4. You can buy EGR delete spacers which have the throttle body cable mounting tabs. I like the EGR spacer delete because it cleans up the engine. But you have to be mindful of the piping going into the throttle body and also the clearance between the throttle body and the valve cover.
  5. that is what I have as well, however.. my egr function is properly turned off in my tune and properly blocked off inside the enine. The OP will see no benefit to deleting it just for the sake of deleting the egr
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  6. Mine is blocked and tuned for it also.
  7. Yep I'm using an EGR delete plate too. I removed all other emissions related items so no need for the EGR. Definitely helps to clean up the intake.
    Being tuned with a chip no idiot lights either.
  8. Egr spacer is not needed, you can make a bracket to bolt to the throttle body for the throttle cable. That's what I did when I deleted the egr. But as the other guys said I had a tune and I was using the egr 5volt input for my wideband instead of egr so I could data log. But if your not gonna do that there is no reason to delete it.
  9. The theme here is a tune to eliminate the EGR function. That really is the proper way to compensate for any negative effects related to it's deletion.

    Mechanically, there are a few ways to delete it. One much keep in mind that the hot gases still will travel up to the EGR spacer. SO if your motivation is to keep the intake cooler, you really need to rip the upper and lower intake off, and block off the EGR port at the heads. The small center port only connects to one head. You should be able to easily tell which. Take a razor blade and remove the fat edge and silicone it to the head, and then install the lower intake so that the sandwiched razor blade blocks flow into the intake. There are also intake gaskets which do this (i do not know p/n) and some aftermarket heads simply don't even have the EGR ports.

    There are EGR spacers designed to mount the throttle body cables to, or you could simply remove the EGR and use a block off plate.

    As you can see, deleting the EGR involves a little work and $$$. It really offers no benefit either for the average street car, so waking up one day and deciding "I'm going to delete my EGR" makes no sense really. If one was assembling an engine with heads, or an intake that doesn't use the function and getting a tune anyway then it makes more sense...but on a stockish bolt-on engine...just leave it alone.
  10. I ran a block off plate and an egr simulator.
    At this point in my life probably wouldn't bother, no positive or negative effects from it.