EGR valve problems

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by gnx547, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. I have a 92 saturn SL2, 5 speed and it boggs at 1500 to 2000 rpms, it is really annoying now when releasing the clutch when I am in first gear to get going it boggs..

    I think it is the EGR valve doing this, when I raise the idle it boggs but when I disconnect the vacuum line from the EGR it is fine. And when I raise the idle with the hose disconnected it is fine but when I connect the hose while the idle is up, it boggs and runs rough..I tried this with another EGR valve I got from the junkyard and does the same thing, I cleaned out both EGR valves and the diaphram moves and down. I also replaced the EGR solenoid. There is vacuum from the solenoid when I raise the throttle, so the solenoid is good.

    Is my EGR valve bad? I do not see how the valve can be bad, is there something internal that could be bad? The diaphram moves easy, so I think it is good, but when it is on the car connected it boggs at 1500 rpms..I do not want to buy a new EGR valve and the bogging still happens..Driving the car like this is really annoying..What do you guys think?
  2. Is the car throwing any codes?
  3. Is the solenoid separate from the EGR valve, itself? ... or is it one of those later-style valves with the solenoid and EGR valve together? Even though it may seem to move freely, does the EGR valve feel like it has any "grit" in its movement when you move the diaphragm in and out manually? It might be sticking on some bits of carbon.

    Junkyard EGR valves are hit-and-miss. Tough to say whether you got a bum one by chance, or if the problem lies elsewhere when you go using old parts... :shrug: