Eibach Pro-Kit Springs

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm new here and just ordered these springs today. Should have them installed this next week. So, for those who have done ONLY these without the sway bars added, how do you like them? How's the cornering and ride? I've seen enough pics to notice I will definitely like the lowered look improvement, but was hoping for some to chime in all the details I can look forward too.

    Also, anyone add the sways(front and rear) and what difference did those make in addition to the springs? Just planning my mod 1 at a time. I appreciate everyones help. Thx
  2. You shouldn't stop at the springs. Also do an adjustable panhard bar. Otherwise your rear end will be off-center by 1/8" or more (as was my case), possibly allowing the driver's side tire to rub or worse.

    Ride is, to me, just as firm as stock, but now it has a lower center of gravity. IMHO it is purely an aesthetic change; if you want better performance, go with a full pro-kit suspension rig or go with the sport kit (assuming these springs offer better performance than the pro-kit).
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  3. ximportdriver,

    You're killing two birds with one stone here. I've been researching thru the forums about suspension mods, but your opinion stands out a bit as being different. I'd like the cosmetic difference, but ideally I'd have 1-1.5" drop at least. I don't want to bother unless I get an improvement in handling, "feel" for the road and performance.

    So are you basically saying that someone would need an adjustable pro kit as the only way?
  4. TJC:

    Well, the pro kit drops the front 1" and the rear 1.5". I put the pro kit on when the car had less than 500 miles on the odometer, and these cars are quite stiff for a while, so comparing the stock feel to the pro kit has not felt all that different. I felt the stock ride was plenty fine in its non-broken-in state, but I couldn't stand the wheel gap.

    My assumption is that the full pro kit with the sway bars and all would really firm up ride quality, as would the sport kit springs. I just didn't feel it was necessary for daily driving needs.

    Jslick1, the OP:

    I went with an Eibach adjustable panhard bar due to availability and warranty through Les Schwab. Yes, I had someone else install it; I'll be the first to own up to the fact that I can't do my own work mechanically. When I was window shopping, I was planning on getting the very panhard bar that you linked to due to cost and customer reviews. Unfortunately, J&M was not an option through Les Schwab.
  5. I ordered the J&M to go with it, so I'm looking forward to having the springs and the panhard bar installed as soon as they come in. I don't have the means to do the install myself either, so hopefully I won't get taken for a ride. They said $200 for the install of the springs, so any idea how much more they will charge for the panhard bar?
  6. The panhard bar install was less than 1 hour, so plan on 1 hour labor fee for that part.
  7. Thx for all the info ximportdriver! I look forward to future modding and sharing, and I'll follow up once everything is installed.