Suspension Eibach Pro Street S ????

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  1. Guys im having a lot of trouble finding out if the GT500 strut mounts will fit the Pro street S coil over kit from Eibach. I bought the Mustang GT (2012) with the kit installed and it makes a pop sound all the time from the front diver side. I took the strut off and removed the strut mount and all the little bearings just fell out. I have called Eibach and they didn't know if the GT500 mount would fit and took my phone number and im yet to get a call back. I called American muscle and they were unsure as well. Ford told me that they were not sure if they will cover it under warranty because the suspension was changed. I really just want to buy some GT500 strut mounts and be done with it but I would love to know if they will work. This Mustang just hit 7000 miles but this noise makes It sound like 700k.
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  2. Dropped it off at ford today so im just going to see if they will fix it for free. No one on the planet seems to have an answer to my question so im going to keep the stock strut mounts for now.
  3. earleys94gt, I understand that they fit aftermarket struts and springs but do they fit the Eibach pro street S coil over kit? Ive looked at reviews on my setup and not 1 person has used them on the kit i have. Called Eibach and AM with no answer. Im about to say F it and buy the mounts and test it. If it fits i will be the only dude on earth who has any info on this combo. I would assume if im useing the stock mounts then the GT500 would not fit because arent the GT500's thicker and require a longer strut rod then stock? Eibach said that i "might" run out of theads when mounting the nut to the top of the strut or the strut rod "might" be to long and hit my hood. The key word is "MIGHT". If Ford fixes it for me then im staying stock if not im buying the GT500's and just trying it. Its just sad when you call the company who makes the system and they dont know what they use as an upgrade on the coil over kit.
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  4. Got the car back from Ford and they installed part # BR3Z - 18183-D (strut mount) and as of right now the clunk is gone.
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