Eibach Spring Install

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  1. Hey, if anyone doesn't mind, could they give a basic removal and install of a new set of springs. I think I have the bare basics, but any extra info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Install an internal spring compressor to the spring to be serviced. Tighten the compressor to relieve spring pressure on the lower control arm.
    Remove or disconnect the following:
    Front wheel
    Disc brake caliper
    Outer tie rod end
    Stabilizer bar link
    Power steering gear
    Lower control arm mounting bolts
    Coil spring
    To install:

    If replacing the coil spring, transfer the spring compressor to the new spring.
    Install or connect the following:
    Coil spring
    Lower control arm mounting bolts. Use a jack to raise the control arm to a normal position and tighten the bolts to 141–191 ft. lbs. (191–259 Nm).
    Power steering gear
    Stabilizer bar link. Tighten the nut to 11–16 ft. lbs. (16–22 Nm).
    Outer tie rod end. Tighten the nut to 36–46 ft. lbs. (48–63 Nm).
    Disc brake caliper. Tighten the caliper mounting bolts to 96 ft. lbs. (130 Nm).
    Front wheel
    Position the coil spring and remove the spring compressor.


    Raise and support the vehicle safely under the frame. Support the body at the rear body crossmember.
    If equipped, remove the stabilizer bar.
    Support the axle with a jack.
    Place another jack under the lower arm axle pivot bolt. Remove and discard the bolt and nut. Lower the jack slowly until the coil spring load is relieved.
    Remove the coil spring and insulator from the vehicle.
    To install:

    Place the upper spring insulator on top of the spring. Place the lower spring insulator on the lower arm.
    Position the coil spring on the lower arm spring seat with the pigtail on the lower arm at the rear of the vehicle and pointing toward the left side of the vehicle.
    Slowly raise the jack until the arm is in position. Insert a new rear pivot bolt and nut.
    Raise the axle to curb height. Tighten the pivot bolt to 71–97 ft. lbs. (97–132 Nm).
    If equipped, install the stabilizer bar.
    Remove the crossmember supports and lower the vehicle.

    To install:

    NOTE: Use new nuts, bolts and split pins for assembly.

    Install the coil springs and raise the rear subframe. Install new subframe bolts and tighten them to 76 ft. lbs. (103 Nm).
    Install or connect the following:
    Lower control arms
    Shock absorbers. Tighten the bolts to 98 ft. lbs. (133 Nm).
    Tie rod links
    Wheel speed sensors
    Brake fluid lines
    Parking brake cables and brackets
    Rear wheels
    Check the wheel alignment and adjust as necessary


    Jack the car up, use a spring compressor after you raise the lca's. Lower the lca's and remove the springs. Put in new springs, lower the car. Front springs sit in the lca grooves. Rear springs sit with pig tails toward the driver's side in the spring seats. Done. Go get an alignment.
  3. Thanks a BUNCH for the info. :nice: