Eibach Springs

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  1. IS it true that our 6's are only fit for the Eibach pro-kit and not the Sportline???
  2. that makes no sense. Eibach would be the authority to ask on such matters. I'm sure they'll be happy to respond if you send them an e-mail.

    BTW: I have the sportlines from my dad's '02 GT on my '89 4-banger.
  3. Any GT spring will fit on a V6 but you wont get as much of a drop in the front.
  4. throw those Eibach's in the trash and order you some Steeda or Roush springs with a 600 spring rate... make your car corner better [​IMG]
  5. i am looking into lowering my v6 this summer also...what are good springs to buy, and do I need new shocks/struts/caster camber plates also?
  6. U sure you wanna talk about eibach's like that? Eibach is just as reputable of a spring producer as Steeda or Roush, and do you know the spring rate of the Sportlines? I was pretty sure they were at least 550lb/in, if not 600 or more.
  7. Go with Fords C springs, there like $109 from www.gefracing.com and I have heard they are good from people who have them, with all the others your paying for the name.
  8. well, the 170 i payed for my Eibach Sportlines have been absolutely great. My ride has stiffened a bit, and the stance is so much better in comparison to the stock height.