Eibach suspension question

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  1. hey all i know i asked before about maximum motorsports stuff, i was looking at there road and track box they have but i realized.. haha thats alot of money for a suspension granted im sure its outstanding but i will probably never take the car to the track, i just want the ride height of a saleen along with a better suspension that is under there now, i have an 03 gt and i was thinking of starting with eibachs prosystem plus suspension kit... can anybody give me any info on these, such as it it worth the 800 bucks for it, how are the quality of parts compared to what is on the car now and compared to the MM stuff, what else would you recomend after i get this kit? is mm rear grip kit a little bit of an overhaul, i do plan on taking it to the track eventually but i was thinking if i got the eibach deal, mm rear end grip kit, front and rear control arms, and maybe urthene bushings and what not, that should be a pretty damn good streeatbale and ridealble suspension, and when i get my saleen wheels they shouldnt rube with the advertised 1.5 inch drop the eibach offers correct?..

    Thanks for the info guys

  2. if you just want the ride height of a saleen there is alot of cheaper ways to do it. anything MM is expensive but they are one of the best in the industry for suspension/handling. if you got that kit it would handle amazingly
  3. Saleen Springs, front swaybar and Bilstein's will give you the drop and ride of a saleen.:D

    If I were you Id get the starter box and run opt for the h&r supersports, if you are looking for real low.
  4. well when it comes to suspension parts it does get pricey but, the eibach prokit, along with some good shocks and struts would really change the way your car handles and looks. as far as the shocks go tokico 5-way adjustables :nice: they are like 450-500 bucks plus the springs 230 it should come out to 650-700 bucks
  5. I have the full eibach suspension in my car..all i ahve to say is:nice: :nice:

    Ride height is perfect, i have the pro-kit. I have the pro-dampners, and the sway bars. In addition i have MM non adjustable LCA's

    MM makes the best hands down. If you want to do a suspension mod, look to them. They resell Eibach for a reason, becuase thier products are A+ an dperform as advirtised

    I have 18" Saleen's on my car and the ride hight is perfect, its lowered about 1.5" all around. The car rides fine and is not to harsh. Going around corners is so much fun, you point the car in the direction you want to go in and it goes. the front sway bar is AMAZING and does an awesome job. I would highly recomend thier products
  6. quite a bit of the price in the MM stuff is they use epensive parts. I think the eiback system is a waste of money IMO. does not deal with rear axle location and gives you swaybars you dont' really need.

    on a tight budget I would do these options.


    street race arms

    full lenght subframes of some kind. I have the MM.

    if needed.

    this will outhandle the eibach system on the same budget. this deals with all of the mustangs shortcomings in one way or another without breaking the bank.
  7. Eibach prokit vs. sportline

    I have a 2006 Mustang with 235/18s and need to get this thing lower. I like the Eibach springs but I am unsure which spring kit to purchase as the pictures on the Eibach site are with the old body style. Would anyone care to share some pics with me of thier 05/06 Stang with either kit so I can see the difference? Also, what other modifications are nescessary when either kit is used?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

  8. Okay, I went with the Eibach Pro kit and love it. (also made a few other mods as well)
    Thanks for all the advice...I think I asked like 7 years ago...?