Eleanor body kit on a 68 Coupe

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Eleanor body kit on a 68 coupe

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  1. I just want to know if it will look good. If there are any pics out there please post them. I want to get an idea before I do it.
  2. [​IMG]

    this is a 66 version, you'd have to squint a lil and imagine a 68 ;)

    Eleanors are great...the more Eleanors people want, the more my FB increases in value :rlaugh:
  3. What will the modding of a Fastback do to its' value. I'm sure there is a market for this, but what would the long term effect be....lower resale because the FB would have to be restored to its' original state?

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  4. Isn't the trend to lower the car? Was there ever such a thing as a "Shelby Lift?" That car looks like it got jacked up by at least 4 inches.

    To answer the question, I don't like it on a coupe. A convertible might change my mind. If JME ever finishes his Elvira and it looks bad ass, I would consider building one for myself.

  5. Coupes yes - there are lots. Fastback no. Wait until they make a 'glass repro for the fastback bodies.
  6. Don't hold your breath.
  7. lol - not that I'm aware off....that car is so nose high that I think it might not have a motor in it ;)

    either that or somewhat put new stock height springs in the front and didn't do the rear suspension ;)

    Lowering has always been the thing to do, that whole jack the back up for extra large tires was the project of a drug induced comma ;) Low and lean to straighten out the twisties.

    As for Coupe and the body kit, I'm sure some people will love it, some people will hate it....but hey its car!!!!!! Do what you like. I know plenty of people who hate my 17 inch rims and lowered stance. I just smile and mention that I set my car up to not just start and drive real fast, but to also turn. :banana:
  8. Yup, seen those. I was thinking of a roof only design for a coupe conversion. The ones from US Body would require some sort of frame or tubular chassis for use. There is no way to retrofit the entire glass rear onto a unibody frame. Even a roof only design would take significant chassis stiffening.

    Edit: I read the US Body description. I still don't think you could retrofit the entire rear section with only minor chassis stiffening.
  9. Dodgestang, I find it hard to believe that anyone has complaints about your car.
  10. We should all build Eleanors out of our cars, paint them all the gunsmoke grey or whatever it is called, and just be done with it.
  11. Someone who purchases an Eleanor , or a mod of any type( unless its an older neglected custom) isnt buying it to restore to original. People who drop large amounts of money on Eleanor , be it buying or building her simply want THAT car. There will never be so many resto-mods or Eleanors etc out there that you cant find a bone stock 67 fastback , project or done. Over 70 thousand were made, and Els and restos dont account for that many. As far as the value , an Eleanor clone nicely done has held its value so far. A lot of restomods and even stock restos inevitably will not bring what you put in them. The key is to build your toy like you want it without thinking of selling it.

    As far as the Eleanor body on the 68 coupe , dont let your poll influence your decision too much. Remember, this forum is made up of a lot of purists, which of course isnt a bad thing, it may just put a slight bias on your poll. If you think it looks cool , and it makes you happy, do it. :nice:
  12. Dodgestang with a 408 stroker under the hood and the 17x8's I envy you..especially those 2001 bullitt seats. I think they say those things because they are "JEALOUS" i know I am

  13. I agree... Its a UNIBODY car! fiberglass will flex and crack... I think i would use it on a tube chassis intended for drag racing only...
  14. Back to the subject of the Eleanor Coupe...

    I'm neither a purist or a die-hard resto-modder. I'm pretty neutral to the whole Eleanor deal. One thing, however, is please back up the performance looks with performance hardware (Engine, Drivetrain, & Suspension). Otherwise you class yourself with the import crowd or wannabe's that bolt on carbon fiber hoods and wings and claim their exhaust boosts power output by 50HP (30% increase in a vtec - yeah right).

    Actually, looking at your signature, you definitely have the power. I'm amazed the T-5 hasn't exploded. I'm also not sure if a blown alcohol motor is street legal (not that you would drive a spool on the street). If you don't drive it on the street, why you would ever consider dumping $5k into a body package on a pure drag car? Maybe the shock value at the track?

    Most Eleanor builds are set up for high-performance street driving, not pure drag racing. You might as well forget about the Eleanor fender flares. No way those giant M/Ts will fit.

    Put together a decent build sheet and come back later. I'm usually not this cynical but if you build Eleanor, make her happy. Not some lame duck pieced together wet dream.

    For Inspiration

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  15. I think the Eleanor coupe looks OK.
    I have a 67 coupe that Im going to put the Eleanor front end and hood on..It looks a little more racey than the factory stuff and not that much more expensive if you have to replace all of the front body and hood components anyways.
  16. That's not too bad actually!!

    Better than I thought it would look.

  17. Yea, right. :notnice: