Eleanor body kit on a 68 Coupe

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Eleanor body kit on a 68 coupe

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  1. Just build YOUR car how YOU like. After all, YOU are the own who has to drive it.

  2. Peppergrey mettallic !.. :D
  3. A BIG amen to that, brother! I understand being a bit nervous about making a big change to the look of your car, but in the end if you like it then who gives a rat's ass what a bunch of strangers on the internet think? I realize there are those who think I'm an idiot for making a Shelby clone out of a nice low mileage fastback, but do I care? uhhh....no. Should you? Hell no!
  4. Well there is a difference...........taking a numbers matching gt/shelby or whatnot....(ie a rare car) and making it an eleanor is almost hurtful. I would prefer that some people only tamper with cars that are not quite original so the rarity factor is out the window. But it is their money.... I sort of like the way the front clip looks.........you think the front clip with a shelby hood but without the rear spoiler would still look as good?
  5. I agree with that, low-numbers cars (GT's and the like) are best restored, but mine was a plain-Jane, 2 barrel, C4, 1 of a zillion fastback. I also think that the use of a Shelby or Eleanor-style front looks best with a Shelby or California Special spoiler, whether it's a fastback, coupe or convertible.
  6. In the end, just do what the hell you want. LOL
  7. I know this is an old thread but I just found it. I built an Eleanor-ish coupe because I like coupes. I also like the way the Eleanor looks. I did change a few things to make it the way I wanted. I started with a car that is not rare either so it is worth more now than if it were restored to original. Anyway, here is a picture of mine.
  8. Well it is close to Halloween....old threads rising from the dead isn't that strange....good looking coupe there, I like the eleanor look on them as well, I am doing the cs trunk and shelby hood on my 67, gives the car a little more "muscle" as far as the looks go IMO.
  9. me too. I know a lot of people, well Mustang purists anyway, don't like the Eleanor, but they don't like coupes or low option cars either so mine shouldn't piss 'em too bad. Not that I care. I like it. Any pics of yours?
  10. I plan on doing a thread on here when the car is finished....its in primer right now, hopefully getting painted either this weekend or next, all of the metal/fiberglass work has been done, and it has been blocked 3 times...I trimmed the car out last weekend, the areas covered by the fenders, inside the trunk, under the hood, door jambs. I spent all week assembling the car and getting the gaps right, now I should just have one more blocking and then paint, sooooo we will see.