Eleanor Ford Mustang Fetches A Cool $1m

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  1. Given the fact that “Gone in 60 Seconds” wasn’t exactly the most thrilling of story lines, we all know quite well the flick made up for most of its lacking allure with plenty of automobile eye candy. Domestics, exotics, customs, chops, and more all adorned the silver screen for audiences to take in, but no car seemed to capture everyone’s attention like “Eleanor”, a highly-modified 1967 Shelby GT500. And if you do not know of the care we speak, well then, you need to turn in your Mustang keys right now…

    Mecum Auctions recently put the Ford Mustang up on the block and had high hopes to clear $300K. And the appraisal staff was wrong. “Eleanor” sold, as you’ve already surmised, for a cool 1 meelion dollars. That’s simply crazy to think about, but in the era of Barrett Jackson auctions bringing in astronomical prices, we suppose none of us should seem surprised by any stretch.

    Hit the news story below to check out more shots of the car and the auction details.

    Source: Yahoo! Autos

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