Eleanor front end update

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  1. The excitement of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel made me post my progress with my project.
    Sorry too excited to wait for the billet grills to arrive before posting up. I should have the grills by this weekend though.
    You'll notice I decided not to use the Eleanor hood and instead decided to use a 67 Shelby hood.
    What do you guys think ?!
  2. more-

    BAD HOOD HINGE on the passener side. Wish I had pused it down for these pics. :bang: The hood really fits like the 3rd pic for the top seen above. :nice:
  3. Not bad. Are you going to keep the car that color?
  4. I've gotta admit, that looks really good with the 67 style hood. How was teh fit of everything?
  5. I agree, the 67 Shelby hood looks awesome. Nice work, keep the pics coming as you make progress.:nice:
  6. No. As of right now I plan to paint it this color - " '03 True Blue" :nice:

    My wife asked me why I am putting black pieces on the car ! :bang: :bang:
  7. Pretty good. It still needs mucho work / adjusting. It only has a few nuts, and bolts holding the front end on. I'm waiting on a dremel tool. The hood I'm more worried about though. It has a bow in it. I guess I'll end up cutting the fiberglass under side re shaping it, and re glassing it back together as someone suggested.
  8. Thanks -
    More pics coming when I get the grills in. :D :D
  9. I usually don't care much for Eleanor (understatement...), but I think the front end looks great overall. I have to agree that using the Shelby hood looks really good, but I still have some issues with the front valence. Are you planning on using the Eleanor lighting (PIAA, etc.)?
  10. Nice color.

    Don't feel bad. My dad had a buddy that he used to go drag racing with. One time he bought a set of slicks and his wife yelled at him for buying bald tires. :doh:
  11. I haven't really decided yet what I want to do with all the lighting possibilities. I may use my lower valence amber turn signals / parking lights right next to my headlights, (my amber parking lights stay on when the headlights are turned on too ever since they installed my alarm) and put only some superwhite fogs in the holes (just outside the lower grill opening) in the lower valence. No big ole fogs in the middle of the upper, or lower grills. I probably wont use PIAA regardelss due to cost. I'll look for some less expensive like APC or something. :shrug:

    Any ideas, or suggestions welcome. :nice:
  12. I'm not an El fan either, but I like what you're doing. I'd put the parking/turn lights up next to the headlights like you were thinking. I'm not a fan of the fog lights, but putting them in the holes wouldn't be too bad. I'd make the holes functional brake cooling ducts, myself. Another possibility would be to mount the fogs beside the headlights, use the headlights with "city lights" in them (as turn signals), and keep the holes for brake ducts....

    Only other comment I have... Turn the cooler 90* so the ribs run horizontal like the billet grill will (fittings at the top). You will still be able to see that cooler with the grillwork installed, especially if the "lines" run perpendicular to the rest of the front end - just a visual thing that will mess with people's eyes...
  13. Is the lower valance available separately?
    Where did you purchase your parts?
  14. QUESTION HERE!!!! Hey, did you buy the entire kit? I've always been intersested in just the valance. Not the entire kit. Can you just buy that lower valance? If so, WHERE??
  15. I like the fog light idea, but I don't understand the headlights with "city lights" in them (as turn signals)

    Yeah I thought about that too. Wonder if I can move the trans cooler, or maybe just run the lines back into the radiator. I'll be converting to an AOD after the body / paint is all done. Does an AOD still need a trans cooler?
    I got my Eleanor parts here - (scroll down in this page)
    This is an awesome company. Great customer service. While you guys are at thir website submit you car pics to their OK corral ! Mine is there -
    They also have Eleanor kits for 64-66 Stangs out now too. Get a different hood for sure though !

    68 Darkhorse- I don't know that the lower valence will go well with the car w/o the upper nose section which would then need the long hood too. Fit ? Yes. look OK ? Not sure. Wish I had tried it to see for everyone. My old stuff is gone.
    Bad67fun- I did not buy the entire kit. I ordered the hood one month, the upper, and lower nose sections, and head light buckets the next month, and just ordered the grills Monday.
    They do sell individual parts, but it's all pretty expensive. BTW- I got all my parts w/ in a week of ordering them. :nice: Maier in California is keeping up aparently.
  16. Those Prices Are Insane!!!
  17. Yeah but if you consider what Shelby fiberglass costs too, it's not insanely over priced.

    BTW- Don't tell my wife ! :D