Eleanor front end update

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  1. Exactly :nice:
  2. Zookeeper, what are you refering to about slicing up the hood to make it fit better? My '67 Shrlby-shortie has the normal poor fit of course.
  3. To fix any hood-shape problem is relatively easy. The 'glass skin of the hood is VERY flimsy (even on thick hoods like Maier) and relies on the support structure for shape. So to fix too much bow, for example, you need to slice the skin away from the inner support (I used and air cutoff tool) then remove enough of the structure to allow the hood to lay down in the correct shape, then 'glass it back together. To fix a "flat" hood, separate the skin and support, prop the hood skin into the right shape and 'glass it back together. Remember, no matter which of these problems you have, the hood needs to be upside down to re-glass it, this means lots of before-and-after measurements BEFORE you cut anything. Otherwise, you won't know the amount of bow to put in or take out. Another trick I think MAY work on a flat hood is to use stock hood springs. Why? Because using them causes the hood to bow, which is exactly what you want, right? Anyway, it'd be worth a try if it were my hood. Feel free to PM me with any 'glass related problems, since my clone has given me waaaay more experience with fitting 'glass than I need, and hopefully someone else can benefit from my "do-overs" and learning the hard way.
  4. Just saw this thread,, Wow! Thats the best looking 68 coupe Ive ever seen ! :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:
  5. nice.. that true blue is going to look sweet on it... May i suggest doing some ghost stripes down the center
  6. Thanks !
    Been thinking about something like that. :nice:

    BTW - I cut out the small fog light holes in the upper nose section (just next to the headlights), and put in my parking lights from my lower valence in them. It was dark by the time I was done. I turned the parkings light on and got wood ! OMG it got me excited ! Looks awesome. Gotta cut out the headlights, and put them is soon. My billet grills just arrived. I kinda placed them in tonite. More pics to come w/ headlights, and parking lights installed as (mentioned above), and the billet grills ! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  7. :rolleyes: ...WAAAAY too much information there bud... :rolleyes:

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  8. Sent you a pm. I just got into my Tony Branda catalogue. :nice:
  9. Guess you had to be there - :shrug: :D
  10. wow, really nice looks like something that i was kinda going for, cept i am going old school, suits me and my car better, but i really like the hood thats the one i'm planning to get, and i was also looking to get the rear spoiler, where did u get? (if don't mind)

    Oh yea, very nice colour combos too
  11. I bought the spoilered trunk, and end caps came from Johns Mustang in Houston. But it all really comes from Maier in Cali. Thanks for the compliments. Good luck w/ your resto also. :nice:
  12. Here are a few updated pic. I can't believe it's so dark by 5:30 when I get home. Anyway the pics probably aren't so good ......
    Added upper and lower billit grills, and parking lights.


  13. few more...


  14. last ones -



    That's all for now. More to come with headlights and everything tightened up, and perfectly fit. And with better pictures. Maybe I'll actually pull it out of the garage for those. :nice:
  15. Damn That does look nice. oh man im so torn here.
  16. I think u should put the parking lights where they normally go and put some other lights where u have those. like in the movie. I think stangs look is cool witht the lights in the lower valence.
  17. that hood still doesnt line up very well...

    but the grilles look super clean, i like it.
  18. Looking real good there...I like how you have the parking lights on the inside...the grills look real clean...keep up the good work
  19. That looks awesome! It would be sooooo cool painted flat black or even just regular black...eleanor's evil twin. Muhuhahahaha!

    Ok, ok, I know, I'm a dork...Lookin Good :nice:
  20. Thanks for the compliment -
    It's mainly a bad hood hinge on the passenger side. I just keep forgetting to push the hood down in the back after closing the hood. Should have before I took the pics at least. It's also still a little crooked. Hard to get the bolts tightened up in the right place when it's not lined up until I again have to push the hinge down. But no the hood it's self is still not perfect. Lots of work to be done still ! I'll push it down, and straighten it out and take another pic or two this weekend after I get the headlights in. :nice: