Eleanor Kits

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  1. Does anybody know if you put this kit on the front of a 65 mustang will it crack ?
  2. More info would be needed. Brand etc
  3. eleanor 2 kit lower portion and trunk kit
  4. I don't know if you've already got a particular kit picked out, or if you're just trying to educate yourself on fiberglass parts in general, but here's some tips that'll help you enter a project involving fiberglass body parts no matter what kind of car or what brand of fiberglass you choose. First of all, realize that it's probably not gonna fit right out of the box. Be ready to cut, grind and otherwise modify your new parts no matter what the salesman told you. That's just the way it is, sorry. The good news is that it's not hard at all. I'm not going into every step of the process, but suffice it say it's not hard at all. Messy? Yes. Brain surgery? No. Also, when your modifying your parts, to keep them from cracking, always get it as close as you can with fiberglass matte and resin, save the filler for perfecting the surface, not for making up for 1/2" in height. Also, never use filler, fiberglass or any sort of bonding stuff to "blend" your fiberglass parts to your metal panels. That will crack, I promise. I know lots of guys out there will tell you how wrong I am and how they've never had any problems in the whole time they've had their car, but mine's been done for 5 years and I haven't gotten any stress cracks anywhere, try to find someone who's "glued" their 'glass on and see how it's holding up.