eleanor..no longer really impressed..just my opinion

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  1. For me it would be more like:

    67 Shelby GT500 = A chippendale (hey, I'm a girl)
    Eleanor = A chippendale who has had plastic surgery to look like Michael Jackson.

    The problem with the original Pam Anderson analogy (at least IMO) is Eleanor didn't start out ugly and get made up nice. She started out nice and ended up mutilated and looking like a freak.

  2. I like that one! So true. :rlaugh:

    I dunno - I've seen some very-early-in-her-career shots of ol' Pam; IMHO she actually looked better before the eye-work and the fiberglass (mammaries). :shrug:

    Still the Catherine Zeta-Jones is a good analogy to a nice '67 FB. (hey, I'm a guy!)

    BTW and OT: Just finished spending some quality time with Expedia.com :rolleyes:
    'Chelle, the eastern part of your state will be invaded by yet another Desert Rat in 3 weeks or so. 1/2NK graduates on the 20th, and to fulfill my promise to her; I'll be flying (via Denver) into St. Louis/Lambert Field around (supposedly) 10:40PM the 17th. Catch about a two-hour nap; then head for the Alamo Rent-a-Car desk to pick up an "...Oldsmobile Alero (or similar model)..." and make the 115 mile run to FLW - from rest area to rest area, in order to stay awake! Gotta be at FLW for a 10:00 AM "Family Brief" then Trish (and whomever she wants to drag along) gets a 6-hour Off-Post pass to tour the sights of St Robert/Waynesville. Thursday, it's a "Barracks Open House" again at 10AM; another 6-hour pass, and the "Warrior Banquet" from 1800-2000. Friday is the actual Graduation Ceremony, then they get their official orders for AIT. Say "Goodbye for another 9 weeks" to our new Warrior; take the rental back to St Looooie and fly back to Phoenix via Denver (again). Overnight in Phoenix/Tempe for a JCI Senate meeting, and get back to Yuma in time to sleep a little before going to work Monday. I'm actually looking forward to it; other than all the time spent in airports!
  3. Thorobreds

    We've all hashed this one before, including myself.

    My own personal opinion is that it's a technically strong MUSTANG, just too riced-out in the looks department. MY BIG beef is the whorring of the Shelby name, and the BIG travesty is getting Ol' shel to give these MUSTANGS the magic serial numbers. Pure Travesty. Only the originals get the honor. Kinda like Prince Charles new wife calling herself princess. Only by marraige, NOT by blood.

    Stangdreamin', you nailed my dream woman, C Z-T. She is a real GT-500. :banana:

    Pamela is just a tarted-up Mustang repeatedly beat on by bad boys! :cheers:
  4. Wow, that sounds like a busy few days. I'll cross my fingers and hope for nice weather for you. My brother & his girlfriend visited a couple weeks ago. They're from northern Caifornia. It was in the 70's but really humid and she was having a really hard time (plus all the trees were in bloom so her allergies were going nuts).


  5. i agree, under the surface the eleanor is a fantastic machine. i think foose went too far trying to differentiate it from the '67, to "leave his mark" on it, that he turned the car into a cariacture of itself. and then 'ol shel puts his stamp of approval on it. :nonono: i guess shelby isn't to worried about his legacy since his approving of the eleanor certainly is tarnishing it.
  6. Perhaps they were done by the same plastic surgeon? :shrug:
    And that's exactly what "E" had.....plastic surgery.
  7. Oh, yeah; now we're just trying to come up with a good analogy for its existance :p

  8. i think eleanor is possibly the worst thing that could have happened to mustangs. because of her...hundreds of 67-8 fastbacks are being morphed into a movie car and loosing their originality. id take a 67 f/b 289 4speed over any eleanor. also, the cost of f/b's has damn near tripled. the saddest part for me is to see a SHELBY turned into an eleanor. that is just wrong :notnice: :nono: :fuss: :doh: :nonono: :bang: :bs:
  9. I don't think ANYBODY in their right mind would EVER even consider, much less attempt to do such a thing!!!:eek:
  10. I wonder if C. Shelby actually ever had anything to do w/ that car. I think they threw him a jackload of cash to endorse "E" in order for the "builders" to slap on a $200,000 price tag on a car that "is a certified Shelby GT500E", just to capitalize and make some fast money....Just a thought...CONSPIRACY???? :banana:
  11. believe it or not........i have seen one on ebay. i honestly cried. 67 shelby 350 4speed restored to eleanor specs. id rather have had it rusting in a barn in kentucky. in fact, id rather see it as a barbq pit rather than restored to eleanor
  12. It's been done by someone here...not me...

  13. restored to eleanor specs is an oxymoron.

  14. cough*cough*hopkinator*cough*cough
  15. It's been done by a couple people here. I knew of and saw(in person) another before Hops was even painted. It's red with white stripes.
  16. if one of the friends here.or more.has a eleanor..it was not my intention to knock them or there stangs..just my opinion and how my opinion has changed over time..i mean i have a ugly old green stang with is a bomber rustbucket..but i drive it in all kinds of conditions where i will not my others..
  17. how? it was restored...rotiscery(sp) restoration, new everything, built just like an eleanor. maybe ur definition of restored is to factory...but i think of it as restoring car to a near perfect condition
  18. I think the chrome on the '05 dash is a bit much. Maybe it could use a little on the outside. Not sure where, though.
  19. I like both but a few things I cant stand.

    1) Eleanor, I liked it in the movie, got ruined cause now its just overdone. Maybe if 10 were built it would of been cool.

    2) TT2's, same thing, overdone. Every damn car I swear has them it seems. Hell, even the yellow 66 I'm working on for my dad has them. (Bleh, not my choice)

    Personally Id take a restomod that is done correctly over any stock looking stang. Stock = Eleanor IMO (everyone has it)
  20. YEP , I DID IT ! And,, well, so what? I couldnt care less about Shelby. And anyone here that likes Mustangs should know that the old fart , before simply putting a bigger engine and some stripes on some Mustangs called them " a secretarys car". Shelby? :shrug: Like I care. Anyonyone here who idolizes him should delve a bit deeper into the past. He'd slap his name on a clapped out 1974 Granada if it would bring some money..Look at the Dodge years.
    So, ..yep, I took a "real" Shelby ( so f'n what) and made El. Far as Im concerned it was a great improvement. After all, his cars are overrated anyway. Trust me .I owned one. And anyone who would "cry" at the thought,(Huracementpsr and , need i say 65) well, get a life.. do the letters P and O mean anything? After all, if you ask ol Carrol himself, its just a modified secretarys car..