eleanor..no longer really impressed..just my opinion

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  1. Doesn't bother me any. I was hoping you would come in on this thread :)

  2. that was a joke. :D but IMO restomodded would be a more accurate term. to restore a car means to bring back to original condition.

  3. :D Baited in like a bass.... heh heh
  4. Hate to disagree, but the company that made the 4 or 5 eleanors from the movie recieved quite a compliment from Carrol Shelby himself. I remember reading that the company recieed special authorization from Ford and Shelby to add any fastback to GT500 conversions to the shelby registry, they are issued a new VIN number from Ford for each car converted and those VIN numbers are added to the Shelby registry. Ford and Shelby seemed to be impresssed and for a 750 HP build up, I would say I'm impressed too.
  5. Yea...but wouldn't you be more inclined to be impressed if they were writing YOU a check for every car they made?
    Like Hop said, you have to look at Shelby's past. He didn't seem too impressed with the company he sued over making Cobra kit cars. Totally similar situation too.
  6. Oh, Lord, here we go again....... Can we just agree to disagree on this?

    I'll even admit that I was really impressed with the car when I first saw the movie - although I even then thought sealing up the nose of the scoop to make it a "Power Bump" was a design mistake. I'd actually llike to see one in red, or blue, anything but the same tired old "metallic black stripes on gray".

    And I think that's supposed to be the original poster's point. There are (probably) several hundred thousand metallic silver 1996-2004 Ford Taurii on the road these days; and, with all the hype and hyperbole over the last few years, it seems like there are at least half that many Elanores. :rolleyes:
  7. all im saying is it could have been done with a 67 f/b straight 6 3spd, and it would still be worth near as much. i know about 50 people who would chop off their right nut for a shelby...a real shelby..not an eleanore, and i just think its not the right thing to do to a beautiful piece of history. and i know that the shelbys are somewhat overrated...but its still a rare car that is irreplacable. and im sure that your el runs like a bat outta hell and is nice..but its been done way too many times. im one for originality..and an eleanore has become far more then cliche. and if i wanted an eleanore, id go buy one of the REAL GT500Es that are actually approved by shelby, because they dont make them out of real shelbys because it was carrols wishes not to.
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    It doesn't 'cause he sold it before he finished!

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  9. i'm curious as to how much money he got for it. original shelby money or did he get more/less because of the eleanor additions?
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  11. The biggest reason I sold the GT500 , to be honest here, ,,was,, hold the phone,,there are 3 reasons. My first love is the 1968 SS/RS big block Camaro. Only 1968 . The 69s had the crimped lines and the 67 had vent windows. The 68 SS/RS is just the most muscular looking car ever made IMHO. I had one a long time ago, and regretted ever letting it go. Next, The Shelby was simply a big ol POS. For the slower types like 65, that means "piece of {feces} " I will NEVER understand how they became so valuable. All he did after 65 was put a bigger ( and not really all that powerful) motor in them , and some stripes and fiberglass. So what. According to Car and Driver stats from 67, neither one could crack 100 mph in the qtr, and the 68 with a Cobra Jet 428 barely did. :shrug: Lastly, having a "real" Shelby meant as much to me as having a "real" Pinto , so I sold it while the market was good.
    , the El Shelby did run VERY well, but only because the 428 had been built for the strip. Wasnt a great road car, too radical, but it was fast. You couldnt work on the 428, it was simply too big for the car. Couldnt even change the plugs unless you had a frail little 8 year old with tiny hands to reach down in there.
    I definately love the looks of El, and imho its the best looking Mustang ever put on paper. And huRACEmentPSR, I can appreciate and respect your personal tastes and thoughts on the subject, Id just bet that if you ever got one youd quickly alter your concept of whats a great car. El is the first and only modified car Ive ever liked.Shes just looks "cool". To each , his own.
  12. i agree!! the '68 camaro RS/SS is the best looking of all the camaro's for exactly the reasons you stated. i could never find one cheap enough to buy that wasn't a complete basket case. luckily i like the big mustangs just as much. cheaper to buy, unfortunately not so cheap to build.
  13. let me start by saying my dad has a 67 with a 390, and i do know how hard it is to change plugs, so i agree with you on this one. personally, i respect, but strongly dislike the early...no wait...damn near all camaros, but especially the 67-69s because they are a directly attempeted answer to the mustangs, but couldnt even come close to match ford. just MHO. as for the comments about the "slower" shelbys....the 65 shelby WAS a street sold racecar, and was extremely fast for its time. the motor was the same size (289) and was a beast(rated 305 hp..but pulled more near 350+ i think). they are valuable because they are rare, and very loved by many enthuaists. they only pulled 100 in the 1/4 because they were running polyglass tires...similar tractrion to bike tires on your stang :D . to each his own i understand...but it just upsets me to see that happen. im glad you restored the shelby and its on the road...but id prefer to see it orig. there is no winning this battle here....so live and let live. now for the dancing banana!! :banana:
  14. The "crimped" fender lines on the 69 camaro are exactly what make it the best looking pony car, EVER!
  15. and youre saying this on a MUSTANG forum??? wow u got some balls. i see the camaro as a hacked up copy of the mustang that tried to, but never could match it.
  16. LOL, I love all cars, well most cars. I really like the 67-68 mustangs, although my love of mustangs has been an acquired taste. In high school I always wanted an old car to work on and mess with, more specifically a 66 or 67 Chevelle. It never happened, I couldn't afford anything. In college a friend had a I6 auto 68 mustang. He blew the motor and needed cash so $500 later I had my 68 coupe and set out on a journey through Ford country. Now that I am out of college and can afford to work on the car it has been fun. But, yes I said on a mustang forum that the 69 camaro is just about the best looking pony car ever. If that means I have big balls then call me King Kong ;)

    The only things the Camaro couldn't match were sales numbers. Performance wise the Camarobird out ran the Mustang just about every year they were both produced. Don't get me wrong I like Camaros, but the only ones I would take over a Mustang would be 67-69 and 98-02(03?) SS 6-speeds.

    I am leaving to don my fireproof suit now, :flame: away. :nice:
  17. The only things the Camaro couldn't match were sales numbers. Performance wise the Camarobird out ran the Mustang just about every year they were both produced. Don't get me wrong I like Camaros, but the only ones I would take over a Mustang would be 67-69 and 98-02(03?) SS 6-speeds.

    I am leaving to don my fireproof suit now, :flame: away. :nice:[/QUOTE]

    im not exactally sure where you get the info that they outran the mustang...because the boss 429s were the fastest streetcars in 69 and 70, and from family experience...the all powerful firebird formula 400 (supposedly the fastest car of the time) was walked numerous times by my dad in highschool in his stock 67 gta 390. and the 400 was modified, and was said to be the fastest car around, but has his ass handed to him every way but sideways. yes, i know its a "my dad back in highschool" story...but its not bs, and also i have killed many ss's ws6's, and 03/04 cobras in his still near stock(only exhaust and mallory ignition) 390. i dont like almost all camaros, with the exception of the scca trans-am historic cars, and just for the sake of doing it, i will fight to the bitter end to defend the mustang. :flag:
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    no comparison in my mind

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  19. Hey man you like what you like. More power to ya!
  20. yeah i got ya man. i just enjoy being a s#ithead :)...not a bad yenko huh?