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  1. We started this project for a customer Nov. 2005. He wanted to build an Eleanor and we started with a 6 cyl 1968 Fastback. Once we got it apart we found a lot more rust that needed to be repaired.

    This is what we started with



    The right frame rail was bad and we decided to go with a Rod & Custom front end.



    We stripped it down to bare metal


    I got this crazy idea to take it to a car show in Oct 2006 so we epoxy primed everything.


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    That was the last time we worked on it until I bought it from him last week because at this time he could not afford to build it. We moved it out of storage and starting installing the sheetmetal. I will be selling it when we are finished.


    We sanded the back of all the sheet metal than epoxy primed.



    The quarters, roof and taillight panel are welded on than the welds ground. We also did away with the drip rails.





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  2. Wow, nice work. Most people would've given up on that car, but you did a nice job of saving it. Very nice!
  3. Wow, nearly identical to the mess we started with on ours. The PO had put 1/4" thick oval tubing through the floorboards as subframe connectors. THe RH framerail had been replaced with zero regard for measurements. I had to pull the whole RH frame off the car. THe tail panel was attached with RTV!
    We learneda lot with this project. It's 99% finished. Did a lot of custom stuff. I like what you did with the front end. If I had to do it over, I would have done that. I bet it was eaiser than reconstructing the original front structure.
    Who's fibeglass did you decide to use? I will be interested to know what you use and how you like it. We used Fiber Concepts (I think), and were not happy with the amount of fabrication & fitting it took. We had to cut the nose in half cause it stuck out past the headlights nearly an inch on each side. We have enough fiberglass to do another one, bt will need the nose and a couple other things. Here is a photobucket link if you want to look over the one we did.

    Barnstang/Jeff/Eleanor1 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Please post up your progress pictures. Should be very interesting project.
  4. The kit was bought in 2005 from Rex (he died last year I believe) the owner of American Sports Car Design and they are no longer in business. We will have to do a lot of work on the nose piece to get it to fit. I don't think there is any hope for the taillight panel and the left front flair since we have 2 right flairs.

    Your car looks great!!




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  5. glad to see someone's still bringin these old girls back ;) great work rusty
  6. very nice!
  7. Wow thats come along way, looks awesome! :cheers:
  8. We started fitting the scoops, side exhaust and fender flares



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  9. OMG that's a lot of work.
    My back hurts watching you go lol:)

    Nice Job :nice:
  10. Yes, a tremendous effort, but it makes my wallet hurt more than my back!
  11. I just want to make this clear we are not making an Eleanor like the movie car our car will be a restomod with a lot of changes.
  12. Lookin good! Keep the pictures coming.
  13. What wheels are those? size?
  14. Edelbrock 17 x 8
  15. We went with a different approach to get the doors to line up with the fiberglass brake scoops. I had a couple of doors that were rusted out on the bottom so Brian cut out a section and welded on the new doors so they will line up with the brake scoops.


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  16. We bonded the upper scoop on and now starting the body work


    I decided to mini tub it.


  17. We added brake ducts



  18. flex exhaust pipe? Are you running any kind of cooling system in the front?
  19. Yes it is flex exhaust pipe and we may add it to the front.
  20. We cut the rear spoiler on the deck lid and moved it down to line up with the end caps. It was bonded on the bottom and fiberglass mat on the top. We still have to work on the gaps.