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  1. Spent last night "playing". I have to admit, this part is actually fun to me. Was outside from about 8-11 and got the headlight buckets on, grill on and front valance on. Normally wouldn't take nearly that long, but we had to weld the one piece of the healight bucket to the fender, like it's supposed to be. Our fender didn't have it attached when we bought the car. So I spent a little time aligning-and there was dinner by florecent light too...mmm...a little grease never hurt anyone right? lol. She's not exactly ready for prime time, but the rattle can paint job will have to do-it also is helping us in the great paint debate (which yellow to go with). At least she looks like a car again! We still have to switch out the drivers side door, and some misc stuff, in addition to getting the motor and tranny in (as soon as the motor shows up!!). we pushed her out of the garage yesterday to turn her around so we can get the motor in when it arrives-so far, looks like a varient on Chrome Yellow is going to end up the final color choice. I can't wait to go home and get back to work-still need to tweak the pass headlight bucket so the grill lines up better. I just wish it wasn't 90 outside!! Looks like tomorrow am while my hubby is at work I'll be doing some painting and more "final" assembly. No interior work yet, as we're waiting on a guy to put in the 10 point cage. We can drive it with the two seat in it, who needs a carpet and headliner anyway?
  2. I'd be shirking my duties around here if I didn't say :worthlesb
  3. Errr..working on it. And we didn't get anything done today-we had a monsoon style downpour that made it impossible to paint (it was actually 95 when I left work-95 degrees + rain=wicked humidity), and since we turned her around in the garage, the nose is facing out. It was raining so hard, if I opened the doors to work on the front, it would have been pouring into the garage. DH is working tomorrow am, so I'll get up with him at 6 (should probably quit working on my shops and go to bed! But, I spent so much time on the new greeting cards in the car shop I have to catch up on stuff in the photography shop) and start working then. Pics eventually...
  4. Got the front all lined up, now working on the quarter windows. Had a duh moment, quickly resolved with a peek at Mustang Monthly's side window how to. Back to work!

    *side note to those that haven't followed our on going Eleanor build. We are building the original, not the copy. As in, the 73 from the original release (even though that was actually a 71, not a 73, in the movie-she was made to look like a 73).

    Now I'm really going back to work!! YAYAYAYAYAY!! (really!)
  5. Hey, if you want you can come do some work on sally while I'm convalescing......nice and sunny here, and the beach is just around the corner.........

  6. Hey yeah! Sally's Green!
    At least in some places!


    EDIT: I should have mentioned that I actually hit your homepage. Have to ask the question: What is the difference between the color Electric Green and the color of the fabled 7-Up cars? :scratch:

    OBTW: During the year-and-three-months (ending in December, 2000) that I was Yuma Jaycees president; our local Ford dealer made an "interim trade" for 1/2 dz Electric Green 'verts; which we planned to use in our local Rodeo Parade. (Green is the predominant color in our local Chapter Flag.)
    Unfortunately; our Rodeo Chairman got all scared that we would lose our Dodge sponsorship for the Rodeo - "Dodge Trucks" is a National Sponsor for PRCA and its sanctioned rodeos - so she told the Ford dealer (a long-Past President and a good friend of mine) that he couldn't be our Parade Sponsor.
    This was a bad move, not only because the local Dodge guys had zero problems with the idea, but because he got p***ed off and sold two 'verts at a deep discount and traded off the other four two days before the Parade! :eek:
    Now I personally love "my" Rodeo Chairman like a little sister; but :Damnit: , I was supposed to get to drive one of the 'verts with my wife, and carrying the Arizona Jaycees' President and his wife down the Parade route :fuss:

    Just a little story of my (almost) experience with an Electric Green Mustang. :rolleyes:
  7. I don't believe I've ever seen a 7-up car in prson, however they are a darker green. Electric Green is very light in the sun, darker in the shade. The first pics I ever took of the car were on a cloudy day with a poloroid, and it looked like Amazon (aka Tropic) green. I have more pics on my gotstang page-http://electricgreen.gotstang.com

    I'll pass on working on Sally for now, Eleanor's still got me keeping busy! This front bumper thing is a real PITA. Stupid goverment and their crash ratings-why couldn't they have waited until 74?? She didn't have a front bumper when we bought her (rusted off), so trying to align one now is just not fun. Especially since we had to have someone make up new frame rail extensions, and for some incredibly moronic reason never marked the location for the bolt holes when we had the old ones. Now they are long gone, and trying to heft around a 100+ pound bumper to try to deciper where the holes should be is proving quite a task. Things are not looking too good for us to meet our self imposed on the road deadline. I didn't get the windows in either, because I realized my DH hadn't finished welding in the replacement quarter skin (right behind the door jamb).

    Is there a patron saint of car restorers? Is there a special good resto Karma dance or something??
  8. Sally doesn't appreciate you breakin' her daddy's you know whats! :nono: he can manage to do that all by himself!:eek: AND she'll have you know she is ~35% GREEN, 35%BLACK. 25% PRIMER GRAY, and the rest is bare metal and rust colored for good measure, with that last bit slowly being changed either to BLACK or PRIMER GRAY as a prelude to becoming ALL GREEN again....except for her innards, deys gonna be a combo of palomino, ivy gold and wood grain accents.:p
  9. Greeen is goood :D
  10. Thank you!:hail2: I also would like GOLD Shelby-style rally stripes on her topsides!:nice:
  11. Woo-hoo, the bumper fits and is aligned-and back off. Dh needs to weld the frame extensions back in, of course we ran out of shielding gas. Sooo...Back to bondo and rattle can paint. We'll pick up more gas tomorrow on lunch, and get more welding done tomorrow night. I *think* all the misc parts are now ordered and making their way to us (oh please oh please NO shipping issues!!).
  12. May the Gods of Shipping smile and bring good fortune upon thee!:hail2:

    If not, let us know and we'll give the shippers a good ol' BBFCM STOMPIN' !!!:D
  13. Okay, I probably don't want to know; but I have to ask: You keep referring to "Dh", which likely means your hubby..... Why is he referred to as"Dh"????

    On the other hand, don't tell me! Cops have been known to refer to various individuals as "Adam-Henry's"; referring to the APCO phonetic code for the letters "A-H" which is an abbreviation of a perjorative term (I save $5 words like that for Sundays). All I can imagine is that the "h" stands for "Head" rather than "hole"; and if that is the case, then the "D" stands for........ ummm, NEVER MIND!
  14. NO No no nononono!:nonono:

    DH could mean any number of things!:shrug:
    In baseball (AL) it refers to "Designated Hitter". :rolleyes:
    In electricgreen's case it could mean "Dear Husband":nice:
    So git yer mind outta The Gutter..........:nono:
    Ooooops, sorry. Forgot who I was talking to.:doh:
  15. Sorry, picked it up on the cafepress forums, dh does in fact mean dear husband. quicker than typing husband :p
  16. Well, I was really hoping it was something nice; and the only thing I could come up with was "Darling husband".
    But then I figured I might be the only guy sappy enough to come up with something like that; so then I thought maybe it wasn't so good. And there's always that "East Coast influence" with Stanger's...... Fritz has his issues with "females of the opposite sex", Dan changes girlfriends more often than I change my socks..... what could I expect? :shrug:
  17. Well, we found out the hard way that total prep "melts" some primer. We were using a grey filler primer, but Dh whated to try a white sandable on the other side to see if we like that as a base better (since the base effects the tone of the top coat). The grey sandable has no problems with total prep-the white on the other hand, ran all over the place the instant the total prep hit it. That caused some ugliness. But, this is just the "test" coat, so we did a quick fix, sprayed a little of the grey to coat it, then a base of regular white paint. There's so many options for yellow, and we want her to look like Eleanor, but also be a yellow we like (not too orangy)-so we decided to rattle can it and see it our in the light and decide. Then this fall/winter we'll do the final body work (including two new fenders) and real paint. I can't wait to get home and get to work! I wish I could have taken more time off of work to do this like I did a few years ago...If only my shops would start selling more, I could work from home and take time off when I wanted to, lol.

    hopefully tonight the frame rail extensions will be welded in, and maybe the one remaining part of the quarter skin so I can get the side windows in. Then we need to drop the tank and cap the vent tube (complicating things a little, but we are going with a vented gas cap under the repop flip up so we could ditch the charcoal canister). We still need to finish painting, and put the lights back in the rear, and get the rear valance on. Then it's a waiting game for the motor to show up so the drivetrain gets put back together (which reminds me we might need to get the torque converter tonight) and we can put the front end back together (totally not lifting the motor and tranny over the brand new grill!!). And tighten up the suspension and get it aligned, and inspected...Dh works with the PO (long story, but she transferred into the store where he works about a year ago) and she cant's believe how much work the car needed. She even forgot the bumper had fallen off!

    I got some semi flat on the back over the weekend, and man, she's got one sexy rear!! I can't wait to see her out in the sun and running-even if she will be a 20 footer for a while. I was going throught he old pics we took when we first got her to confirm we had the holes for the bumper supports in the right place and found a few old vids from the last time she ran. Talk about motivation!! I just hope the new motor sounds as bad you-know-what as the last one (which still runs, but it's SSOOOOO tempermental, we just didn't want to mess with it anymore-espically after a rocker arm broke while we were driving!!).
  18. Dude you have been out in the AZ sun wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-y too long!:nono:

    ALL females are of the opposite sex for me! :doh: and my only issue with them is I have the uncanny knack for getting myself involved with the lying, cheating psychotic bimboes! NOT all females are like that, and the aforementioned ones are very good at disguising their true selves until it's too late!:nonono:
    I sure hope you do change your socks more frequently than Dan, otherwise that hot blonde you're married to might get fed up with the stench! :eek:
    Personally, I change my socks (and underwear) on a DAILY basis......that is when I'm wearing any!:D

    Yo, EG......got any single sisters?:D
  19. Sorry, I only half a half sister, she's underage (15 I think? I know I should know, but I haven't spoken to that part of the family in so long it's hard to keep track)and not into cars at all. Well, I do have a stepsister, but she's married with two kids.

    Going to get our torque converter now :nice: