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  1. Sorry...

    Officially announcing-Eleanor is all Yellow (except the black where its supposed to be) for the FIRST time since we brought her home in November 02!!! She's 100% truley a 20 footer, but I DONT CARE!
  2. It needed repeating.
  3. I know, I know. I think I'm going to spray the black stripes on the bottom (this is going to be a NIGHTMARE, trying to line them up perfectly with tape!) tonight, so maybe I'll try to get a pic of the pass side (no way on the driver's side, it's pushed over too close to the wall to see much of anyting). There's not a whole lot of room in the garage right now with all the extra parts and pieces we are working on installing around, so getting a decent pic isn't easy! Still gotta do something with the blue bumper too.

    Got an email last night from UPS, the pulley brackets and shifter should be on their way. Still waiting on a BOL number for the motor, and the pulleys are not here yet, but they are coming from Summit, so we should have them by the end of the week.

    The frame rail extensions are all welded in. Need to do get the shocks bolted in and tight in the front, a few things tightened up in the suspension, still need to drop the tank and cap the vent tube (got the vented cap yesterday too). Still need the last bit of quarterskin welded in, and the quarter windows in, and the drivers door swapped out (I need to swap the internals and handle too). And put the trim back on the windows, paint the a-pillers....reattach the dash pad....and of course, drop in the motor & tranny, and hook up the driveshaft again. then put the front back together (headlight buckets, grill, bumper, valance, hood on)

    AACCCKKK!! I wanna go home and work on the car now-stupid day job!!:bang:
  4. :banana:

    (even the dancing :banana: is yellow!:D )
  5. YAY! Came home to a package from Summit-pulleys are here! Still having issues getting shipment info on the motor. :bang: Now we're just waiting on the motor, shifter and pulley brackets.
  6. You can always use the F&B* method for motor-vation!:D

    *Fred & Barney
  7. Not anymore-we've got new floor pans :p
  8. :doh:

    Well then, get yourself a 1/2 dozen or so Undocumented Immigrants (around here they're a dime a dozen) to push you around in Eleanor!

    Think of the service to our world you'd be doing.......
    1) Providing employment for Pedro & Co.
    2) Less harmful emissions to the environment (just don't let them chow down on too many bean burritoes!)

    The only down-side is piss-poor acceleration!:shrug:
  9. Honestely... you will regret not taking pictures of your build (if you dont have a camera). I suggest you buy one!

    On my cardomain site is probably only 10% of the pics I actually have. It is amazing to sit down and show someone what all work has been done. Its also PROOF of what was done and what was not done IF you ever want to sell, etc.

    Just remember, you will regret it, if you dont document it.
  10. oh, believe me, we've got pics. SOOOO many pics. This is the penny-anty stuff (rewelding stuff, painting panels one at a time, new suspension pieces), that doesn't really need documentation. I do have to recharge the batteries in my old Minolta p&s (point and shoot), because I don't like taking my good camera (dslr) out into the dust of the garage (body filler and primer sanding dust is EVERYWHERE). I actually have a photography shop on cafepress. In fact, I recently added a pic of Eleanor from a few years ago after we got the pass Quarter replaced (I used a "vintage" filter):


    I have something like 13 pages on her cardomain page, it's not even 1% of the pics I have-I took pics of EVERYTHING. It's made for a great reference tool when we're doing work, to see what things were like when they were original, if rusty.

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  11. Well, I was just paraphrasing Quote #75 ofTHIS PAGE! Which I keep in place to remind me that I'm not the only one that gets caught typing stooopid things!

    Been there, done that back before Sue decided to keep me.
    I do the same! But Dan and women..... I think he and Miss Lisa were Splitsville before I even got to see the post with her picture! :eek:
  12. Shifter & pulley brackets were on my stairs when we got home yesterday (in the pouring rain!). Leaving the motor as the last missing piece of the puzzle. I'm wicked pissed at t & l at this point (there's a thread in tech about them if you want the whole story), and all I can say is they better hope they shipped it and just didn't call, or their little southern butts are gonna get a giant New York whoopin. I am seriously going to flip out if all the late nights, and working every weekend (my car has been driven a total of 3 times this year-THREE TIMES), and their promisies all come down to us missing our deadline and taking my car (the 00) to Woodward for the 5th year instead of Eleanor. We havne't told ANYONE what we were planning (taking her to Woodward), because we wanted to make it a surprise when we showed up with her instead. Plus I was afraid to even think it lest I jinx it, but now, I'm thinking it doesn't matter because they f'd it up, I might as well say what we were planning. I was afraid to believe it might happen, since everytime we think we might get something accomplished on this car it doesn't work out, but this year, it was really looking good. The only other thing that didn't get done (and isn't anywhere as nessesary as a motor) is the 10 point cage, which should be done in fall. So, the carpet and headliner won't be in, but I can live with that. Can't do a damn thing without a motor though. Hopefully I'm getting PO'd for nothing and it's cruisin up the highway in a semi headed for NY right now, but I wouldn't bet a penny on it.....

  13. I think I must look like one of those cartoons with the smoke coming out of their ears, everyone at work keeps asking what's wrong! I must look like I feel....

    Oh, and since we had to go find out if someone we know had gotten a tubing bender yet (to bend the exhaust that no one sells-duals for a 73 apparently aren't a big draw for the aftermarket mfg's and since the car ISNT RUNNING *grrr*, we can't just take it to have someone custom bend the pipes), than drop off one of our old Minoltas (we had two) to a friend going to the mopar nats (he's watching our dog while we're at the WDC, so we're letting him have the digicam, not like we need it and he didn't have a digital) we ended up getting home at like 9 and didn't get anything done (couldn't do much "noisy" stuff, and it was WWAAYY to humid to paint)....

    cusscusscusscusscusscusscusscusscusscusscusscusscusscusscuss!! and cuss again!!

    Anyone find that patron saint of restorers yet? I need to burn some incence or something....

  14. What is the cardomain address... let us check it out.

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  15. And...Dh finally got a hold of t&L-motor is supposed to be shipping today. I'm gonna stay worked up until we get it home and running in the car. Then, I'll be worked up for a whole other reason! I'm still not thinking it's gonna happen now, until everything is together, running and we get to drive her.
  16. I clicked your link and my Norton AV went spastic...
    Just a heads up for anyone else thinking of going there.
  17. Do you usually have that problem with cardomain? :shrug:
  18. It worked the second time I tried it.

    The first time it opened a popup, then full page where CD should have been, telling me that my computer can be spied on. Looks like an advertisement.
    However, Norton popped up and said it was a program looking for a back door into vulnerable PCs. I think it was called "disk clean".
    The popup put spyware on my PC. Norton quarrantined it and then asked if I wanted it removed.

    Now that I think about it, that happened once before when I went to my own CD page!
    Probably a bug on the CD site, or one of their advertisers trying to use spyware.