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  1. Ok, I snapped a quick pic, I have the back taped off to paint the back of the decklid, and the front fender is placed there so it's out of the way (yes, there is a fender bolt holding it there)


    As I said, until we get the motor (supposed to be here tomorrow) in, the front end isn't going back together....

    edit-guess I should have rotated that pic..sorry! Gotta go back out to get more done, might try again later, but you get the idea...

    The yellow is chrome yellow, brighter than original, more like grabber than medium bright. Medium bright seemed to...tame for Eleanor.

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  2. Well, it's E-day folks!! As in, ENGINE day! We are picking it up form the hub tonight. So, I'm going to start hitting the mountian dew around 4, since we're pulling an all nighter to get it in. We did get some things done yesterday, but my time was cut short by a freaking migraine. I haven't had one in years, and it choses now of all times to decide to come back. I can take pills for the pain, but my "symptom" is a big ole spot in my vision that's like a black hole-in other words, I basically go blind (some people get a smell, some get a taste-lucky me, I go blind). that pretty much did it for me, about 9 pm. I'm hoping a few friends come over tonight to help with the engine install so I can putz around with the stupid little things like trim so we can get the quarter windows in (have to paint the a pillers first). Dh really cranked the past few months while I worked on my shops, and we've both been working like mad the past two weeks, I feel like we're forget a lot, since it seems like we're too close to done that it's not possible.
  3. EXCELLENT!!!:nice::banana:
  4. Picked it up my lunch, husband just got home and opened the crate and called me at work. Guess what? IT"S BLUE!! We told the them at least 5-6 times it had to be black. The office girl said she was writing it in big, bold letters on the build ticket. *sigh*
  5. Mebbe she had a "blonde moment", wrote the "BL", forgot the rest and well.........................:shrug:

    You can repaint it yourselves....important thing to remember is you now have an engine!
  6. More to the point, you can paint that engine black later! The main plan is getting it - whatever color it is - in the car in time for Woodward!

    With Daylight Savings time and all that; it's 4 minutes after 10PM your time as I type this...... is it in yet????

    Ohhhhhhh, that just sounded so wrong...... :nonono:
  7. Errr...yes, the MOTOR is in, have to get some parts and pieces tomorrow, so no start up tonight/early am. Got the dyno sheet, not the dyno video...Nice lookin piece, just wish it was black!! Pics tomorrow, sleep now...
  8. Same here (I also use Norton). It attempted to install "DriveCleaner", which is a bogus program.
  9. OMG, will someone please remove the curse from this car?? There's been sooo many issues...now we finally have it to the point of it cranking. It has fuel, spark, and no ingition....
  10. Ahh...my child, If the journey was easy, then the destination would not be so sweet!:hail2:
  11. Holy moly, this is one LOOONNNGGG road! I'm ok with not being easy, but...dang it, we were supposed to bring her to woodward this year! Not that I don't love MY car, but-we go with the yellow mustang registry. I'd like to actually bring a YELLOW mustang for a change, lol-we're brought the greeen one every year since 03 to woodward, had to take the DD to Orlando a few years ago (it was march, so either way, neither stang would have gone there)....Ok, I'm going to finish painting the bumper anyway. This is stressful! Nothing like cranking a brand new motor without it turning over to raise your blood pressure!!
  12. I had a similar problem with my '65 many years back. Fresh rebuilt motor, all new electric under the hood, new coil, etc.....
    Drove me nuts that everything I tried to get a spark to no avail. Finally I checked the one item I believed could NOT be the problem, because it WAS brand new right out of the box. The underhood wiring harness...Sure enough the wires from the ignition switch to the solenoid were NFG! Replaced the harness and she fired right up (I actually had her start prior to replacing the harness by bypassing the solenoid.............):nice:

    That was 18 years ago. And now sally is back in pieces again waiting for me to get her repaired and back on the road......AGAIN!:shrug:

    Final thought.........Green is just a shade of yellow with a little blue tint.:hail2:
  13. We tested that wire :D It's not new though....

    (still won't kick over)
  14. Coil? Ignition box? Distributer?:shrug:

    (I once forgot to put the rotor back in after a tune up):doh:
  15. Hehehe-fouled plugs. All good. She RUNS. Beastie. Tried street fire, errored out, no vid to post...

    Oh, and since we got the motor about 2 weeks after he said we were going to, WDC is out of the question this year. There were too many issues, too many things that needed to be worked out-we're leaving weds, and we just don't have enough time to finish everything.....Sleepy.....
  16. :banana: :nice: :banana: :nice: :banana: :nice: :banana: :nice: :banana:
    :nonono: :damnit: :nonono: :damnit:
  17. Here's a try, never used streetfire before

    [​IMG]Click here to see Video

    Well, that appears to work. Sorry about the cruddy sound quality, it's from my older Minolta dimage digi cam. And the darkness...it was kinda late...NOW the neighbors can hate us...except the guys with the 68 Camaro, they ripped by about half an hour after we fired her up-lol.

    Thanks guys, if I wasn't so tired I'd prolly look like that dot...or the banana...or the two of them at once...eerrmmm....g'night!!
  18. A spananot?:scratch: